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May 02, 2011


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I love your blog, I love your tweets! :)
Your welcome!



It's hard to blog. Keep going only if you enjoy it.


Wait. I just got here! I just started following you today! Do I get a smoochie as well, or just a get-acquainted-now-what-was-your-name-again sort of air kiss near my ear?

Amy @ A Little Nosh

Right back atcha!

Lady Estrogen

I find it really hard to find things that keep my interest too. As my hubs would say, "Now what are you starting?!"
This past year of this crazy blogging journey has been totally amazing and the people that I have connected with was something I never expected.


You make it worth the return trips here, and on Twitter, too (me and Facebook don't get along lately so not sure I'll see you there much).

I think I may have given myself a little too much tongue with that wet kiss, though. "Passion" got the better of me.


And I thought it was only the subject matter that kept you interested! ;-)


I only read 3 blogs, and yours is one of them. I don't have as many entries in my blog lately, but I'm getting motivated. Thanks back to you :)


I've heard the term for people like you (and me!) is Renaissance Soul (check out this article: http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2010/01/are-you-a-renaissance-soul/)

Makes it a little difficult to figure out a career though, I want something that lets me wander around when I get bored!


D'oh, I knew I should have put a space before that ), try this http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2010/01/are-you-a-renaissance-soul/


I love your blog. When I found it, I went through your archives from day one until I was caught up with your current stuff. I was obsessed for those 2 weeks - I couldn't get enough of you. I laughed til I cried at some of your posts, then I was snorting when I tried to contain my laughter at the office and of course people looked at me like I was crazy but I didn't give a shit 'cause I was having fun with Kit. Kisses right back at you for being a ray of sunshine during these dark days.

Valentina@baby crib bedding

Why do you keep doing the blog? For us, of course (selfish! selfish! selfish!)- look what an amazing bunch of people we are, and we love you back too.

Just K

I'm glad you've kept with it, you definitely bring me a much needed laugh quite often. I like to think you're a cross between The Pioneer Woman and Sex in the City, with some I Love Lucy mixed in.

Anyway dumping out your deepest thoughts to complete strangers that you will never see but somehow feel they are on a first-name-basis with you is totally cathartic, and way cheaper than therapy.


Well, we TRY to keep things interesting.
In the name of keeping your G-SPOT happy, I'll go drinking tomorrow night.


Loved this post in particular, your honesty, your sense of humour - you sure know how to bond! Look forward to reading more ...

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