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May 31, 2011


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Sounds like you had a great decompression weekend.I am in need of one of those very soon. We had cold, wind, rain and fog all weekend! The sun is out today and I have to work. Figures.

Never been to Cape Cod but it sounds wonderful!

Lady Estrogen

I am often feeling that panic in my brain lately as well. Everything is going up.. except salaries. ACK!

My favorite place would be up northern Ontario. Except for the deer flies, fishing and jumping off the giant boulders into the lake. Ahh. I can't wait to bring my boys there some day soon.

Haven't been to Cape Cod; it's on the list.


I live on cape cod, so yes. Which beach did you end up at?

Debbie S.

Oh, I hate the anxiety jags, too! Just had a doozy two Sunday nights ago. Phew...thank good-ness they fade. We did Kung Fu Panda, beer and brats, and sitting in the sun by the pool for 5 hours while eating pot luck. It was GOOD.

My favorite place ... how about Torrey Pines State Beach? Never been to Cape Cod...


Going through a panic myself. Another possible career opportunity. I just don't know the details to make the decision, but I have gone over every possible "what if" in my head! (Driving my husband crazy!) Three days of no work, no school, lots of sleeping in, cuddling, we went fishing once, two cookouts, an afternoon of swimming, and lots of couch time, too.

Mrs. MidAtlantic

Cape Cod is my favorite place on earth. My family's summer home is the only home we never moved away from. It's where Nate and I held the reception for our wedding. It's where I want to be every minute of every day. WHEN CAN I GO?!


Same as you, beach beach beach with a bit of work thrown in for good measure.

I live on the South Shore, go down the cape every chance I get. Love it!


My family owns the Nantucket bakeshop- so we are on the Cape often to visit! often all is right with the world after a visit (but sometimes you get the family drama, which negates the beauty of the cape... but I digress)


I wish I could say we did something fun and exciting! I worked most of it, but yesterday we went on a drive to NJ. Nothing terribly exciting, but it was good to get out of the house. We're actually going to Cape Cod for the first time in July, and I'm really looking forward to it. Any good places we should hit up while we're there? :)

Valentina@baby quilts

Never been to Cape Cod, might visit when the water warms up (hate cold water). I thought I'm the only one who gets these anxiety attacks. It feels I'm buried under tons of things that should have or should be done and there is no time, money or desire to tackle them. As for the weekend - didn't do anything special, just lazied around and enjoyed the hot Mexican weather :D


Man, can I relate. I am so cranky today. and it's all about the little things. I'm just trying to breathe through it. I love, love, love Cape Cod. I live in the Midwest so I don't get to the beach as often as I'd like but Truro is one of my most favorite vacation places ever. I just hung around with friends this weekend.


Never been to the Cape, but it sounds like a beautiful face. Friend of mine in middle school used to summer there (lucky her!).

I need an attitude adjustment! My weekend while fun certainly didn't leave me feeling like my to do list was any more manageable!


Having had a fair few dummy-spits of my own lately I do appreciate how a day in the sun can help immensely!

Oh Cape Cod - on our way in we passed a little road side seafood place, on our way out we deserted the rest of the family to detour ourselves directly into Fultons - amazing hot chips, lobster roll and clam chowder. Makes me drool just thinking about it!


Your blog was suggested to me and this post is similar to my weekend. Sleepness weeknights of "OMG I have TOO MUCH TO DO!" were driving me nuts. I take refuge in my parents house. Though I had much to read, HW to do, a quiz to take, and countless of other things to do, I needed the break. I only got to spend Sat there, but come Sunday, my mind was settled enough to Ace my quiz. I call it needing some SLOW.

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