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May 31, 2011


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Coffee Lovin' Mom

I will resolve to consider the question with you - my husband isn't as lucky as yours 3xweek... I also didn't know it added 6 minutes to your life, we may have some catching up to do!

Jessie Powell

I'm trying to teach DH the value of the quickie.


If I wasn't traveling for work this week I would start it....I guess I will start saying yes, more on Sunday!

I wonder sometimes why my husband doesn't just stop asking when he receives so many rejections.


Oh no. I read ur post out loud to my hubby without pre-reading... DAMN... There was no stopping that one before he caught it... "oh! You havta say yes more! Nice!" ...*5 mins later* "ready to do ur homework babe?" Lol


Not to get all political in the comments, but why does your husband's actions remind me of politicians and lobbyists who push for outrageous new laws knowing they have no chance of passing, then "settle" on a "compromise bill" that is essentially all they really wanted to begin with. (Wow, that was a run on sentence.)


Am I just a dirty nympho whorebag slut? I NEVER say no. I might add that I pretty much get everything I want. Related? I think maybe so.

Marie Jones

I need to read this to my hubby....as a suggestion. I'm the one always wanting it, wishing he would give in for just a couple of minutes. He says at his age now, 47, he can't get it to work when he wants it to. But for some reason, if I tell him I'm going to use Bob, he's suddenly ready LOL! Note to self: pull Bob out regularly! love your blog...and tweets (@jonesconway)!


I didn't even tell my hubby that I had homework. He's so accustomed to me saying no, he would try to catch me offguard. Like when I was changing my clothes after I got home from work I was still in my underwear and my back was to the bedroom door. I heard the door open and close then a click - the sound of the door being locked - and when I turned around he was mother effin nekkid and looking at me quite innocently. I could only laugh as I rolled with the flow and enjoyed those 6 minutes.


What is it with men and timing? Bending over, changing clothes, yelling at kids, cutting something with a sharp knife. Dude is Everyready.
Tonight, before reading this, I finally gave in. It looks like hubby figured out what I mean by quickie and I added at least 45 minutes to my night. Score!

Amanda P. Westmont

SAY YES is a key part of my mandafesto (http://www.mandajuice.com/mandajuice/2010/12/mandafesto.html). Especially when it comes to sex. I've never understood why women say no. I don't even think my brain knows how to make that sound come out of my mouth in the presence of a lover. (Of course, this is why half my blog commenters call me a whore. But when I was married, I said yes to my husband every chance I got, so whatever).

Anyway - Welcome to the YES club! It does a body good.


when i hit 40, yes became my go to answer and i've got to say, i feel better than i have in years - in the past year, i've actually gotten my hubs to leave meetings early and twice he's actually left the golf course mid game for a little yes action - yes is an amazing thing yes it is!

Kim @ Coffee Pot Chronicles

What drives me bonkers is that I am the one initiates sex far more often than he does. Dude! You have a horny wife who is 13 years younger than you! Give the wife some lovin' dammit!

Grr. Must give this to my hubby to read. Seriously. I'm getting tired of this once a week, if any, crap.

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