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May 26, 2011


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wow, um, just wow, um, right. You know that every time I type the word cupcake now I'll think of this, right? wow.

Alison@Mama Wants This

That looks, er, sort of scary. :)


Mmmm cupcakes


Wow I might have to get this and finally pop my sex-toy cherry.

Maria from EdenFantasys

Oh noes, the taffy tickler is currently out of stock. We should be getting more soon. But if you want to do a g-spot vibe, we have many!




And you were able to last about 6 minutes - give or take - with this thing? From the looks of cupcake and based on its description, I think you guys lasted kinda long. This looks frickin' awesome! This just might be my first sex toy! It'll be my kitcake.

Carole Frenche

That is hilarious! :) I'm sure Kit has recommended different types of lube, but Pink silicone is very nice for toys.


oh I love it..... is that bad I say I love it!! It is interesting you posted this today, as this week I just received my new toy. It is not a cupcake, but it is unbelievable! Enjoy your weekend :)


I'll have to get a few of these for my houseguests. I will let you know what they report.


I remembered you talking about this toy that sounded amazing and I finally went online to buy it and it says it has been discontinued...WHY??? This was going to be my first toy and I was so excited about it :( Now I don't know what to get.

G-spot Vibrators

I don't see what's the big fuss and secret about vibrators. Almost every girl has one.

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