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May 27, 2011


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I agree. With you. I seriously don't need to have to think about what I'm doing when I'm doing that. Vibrators take the thinking out of the the equation and allow you concentrate on the real business.

Andi Sexton

Oh my gosh! I clicked on the link.. and GOT sooo sidetracked.. like for an hour.. from one click to another... Who knew Amazon had toys??? NOT me!!!! And dont' get me going on the 'side trips'.. Some weird ones!

Anyway...hands???? Hello! Carpel tunnel???? chaffed skin??? Tell that sister that toys are the REAL safe sex!


I'm in your camp on this one, Kit. Toys just keep things interesting. The buzz of an egg vibrator always gets me where I need to go, but the warm hand of my partner to intensify the aftershocks is wonderful. BTW, I've been reading your blog off and on for a few months now and just *LOVE* it! I had some extra time this evening and just read all of your posts with the tag "Vibrators". Very fun, you and your readers crack me up.


I have a hard time understanding why she thinks sex toys take away the mind-body connection. Sex toys have allowed me to explore my body in many new and different ways. If it weren't for a certain glass dildo, I'd still be searching for my G-spot. Or maybe not. I probably would have given up in utter frustration long ago. So, at least in MY case, I can say that sex toys have opened up a whole new world of stimulation possibilities for me, and as a result I'm MORE in tune with my body and what it likes.


I'm often completely useless for 69. Even before the orgasm, there is that "walking on the clouds moment," and, well, it's a real fight to remain a cunning linguist as I experience that bit of nirvana.

As far as "hand versus machine," I really think it's individual for each person. One should be encouraged to experiment - figure out what works best for them. I, personally, don't think I could ever find something that would work better than my own hand than, well, somebody else. A fleshlight, I've tried it, but I can alter the pressure and hit just those right spots, when those parts are best hit.

But, I usually save my masturbation talk for my own blog ;-)

The other Kit

So pleased I'm not the only one who totally loses the plot during 69. I love both 6 and 9... I just would rather give both my complete and undivided attention - which means one at a time. And toys? Is there anything more fun? Seriously! Just because we're adults, doesn't mean we don't get to keep playing with toys. I may have grown older, but I doubt I'll ever really 'grow up' (at least, not in the sense that I'll ever be able to take myself seriously). But that's a Good Thing, right? ;)

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