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May 24, 2011


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Are the symptoms not being interested in sex go further into not even wanting to masturbate? Or does female sexual dysfunction relate to only the act of sex or getting aroused for the act of sex?

Olivia @ Crossing Bridges

Great post! Thanks for putting such a relevant topic out here like this. I'm 24 and got off of birth control pills 6 months ago mainly because my sex drive was nearly non-existent (though I could still get aroused with enough stimulation). It has been a gradual thing, but it's starting to return! I hope you have the same good luck I've had--don't lose hope!


My life was pure HELL for 3 years with horrible symptoms. Sexual Dysfunction doesn't even cover how it felt for me. Plus the rage, depression, headaches, paranoia(sp), etc. Turns out, it was The Devil,aka, The Pill. Within 6 weeks of being of the pill, some of my body's reaction began to be normal again. And now things are great! The beauty about ovulating is that you feel awesome and the sex is awesome! Good luck!


Really good, informative post!

And Kit, that first paragraph.... You are too awesome!


And here I thought all along I was just too tired, or that they thought of someone else touching me after being mauled by 3 kids all day was the reason for lack of interest. Although I wouldn't say it was so bad that I can't enjoy it. I'd just rather sleep some nights. LOL
But thanks for writing this....it's not something I thought I should discuss at a Dr's appt. But next appt I will.


Great topic! I suffer from endometriosis and sex can be extremely painful during certain times of my hormone cycle. I have had two surgeries to help ease the discomfort but it only lasts about 6 months. I'm now 7 months out from my last surgery and our sex life is definitely being effected. I have also had to come to grips that we will not be growing our family, BUT at least we were blessed with our daughter 7 years ago when we were wild, crazy 20 year olds! I knew all that fun couldn't be totally wrong. ;)

Thank you for encouraging me with your guest post...I will not give up. I'll be calling my specialist today for a follow up appointment.


Thanks for sharing this. You are spot on (no pun intended) that no one ever talks about women problems, but they are so very common and worthy of the same attention. Best of luck with your course of treatment. :hugs:

Elizabeth Flora Ross

Thanks for all the encouragement and great comments! I'm happy to see the response; I had a feeling this would resonate with other women.

@ Jess - I'm not an expert, so I can't answer your question definitively, but no, I have not been interested in masturbating either.

@ Olivia - No sex drive at 24?! That's awful! I'm glad things are getting better for you.

@ Tracy - OH, yes! I have had unbelievable mood swings, rage, headaches. All those things. Just didn't include that here. I feel ya 100%!

@ Pixi - Thanks. And yes, Kit is awesomeness! :)

@ Rory - Some of what you describe can be perfectly normal. But I do think whenever there are changes or concerns, it can be good to discuss w/your doctor. That is what they are there for!

@ Andra - I have friends who suffer from endometriosis. I know it can be awful. I hope the specialist can help you. Good luck!

@ Jenn - Thanks, hon! And I liked the pun, even if it wasn't intended.


Excellent post - I've always wondered why our society is so loathe to discuss "female problems."

Best of luck with treatment (be sure to use SOMETHING if you're simply going off the pill . . . that 9 month STD has a tendency to occur), and keep us updated.

Elizabeth Flora Ross

@ John - LOL! No worries, we've taken the necessary steps to make sure there are no surprises. Or rather, I have. I'm too old to have any more babies!

It is amazing how people squirm when "female problems" come up, isn't it?


Thank you so much for sharing this! I had heard the term before, but I never know about how mot having enough testosterone can affect bones. Crazy!

This was lovely and brave of you to share. I'm betting that you're going to help someone today.

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I never heard of female sexual dysfunction but by the accounts of this storyteller, it seems that this is indeed very common among women, only that it bears a different name.
Many women especially in Asia will tell you that sex or talking about sex is "immoral" (not under the blessing of marriage of course). That is the main reason why it is still a "taboo": people just avoid this kind of topic.

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