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May 23, 2011


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I also enjoyed a good six minutes this morning. OK, it only took about two -- but it's literally been several months since the last time. Reading your blog, I mean. It's nice to be back. Hope you're good (and being bad!)


I'm still back at " at the risk of providing too much information" ... and now protesting the need for a thoroughly open policy here Kit!!!

Just K

Since when have you been concerened about providing too much information? That why I read your blog!

Coffee Lovin' Mom

You get the good married sex. I get the hall pass..I wish I had TMI to share!


It's the quality, not the quantity . . . and six minutes is something special after such a long dry spell (sorry for the pun).

Kit, with the way you're talking about your running, you won't have a single jiggling bit that isn't specifically set to jiggle by Blogher.


I'm delighted ashamed to admit that your post made me horny. It was no longer a dry spell when I got home. But I think we lasted more like 4 minutes or 3 ...


The opening joke had me laughing out loud. So true.
Great post

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