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April 14, 2011


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-Sketching Pencils
-Sunscreen/lotion combination-- I have awful dry skin and burn really easily.


- My girls and husband
-My Droid
- Toothpaste and mouthwash (I have an obsession)
- Comfy pillow and blanket
- A snuggly PJ set.

Olivia Quiver

A well-made chef's knife;
Google maps on my iphone (I get disoriented coming out of the metro);
Exceptional literature;
A down duvet and lots of pillows;
My little point-and-shoot;

I know that's seven things, but I really couldn't live without wine and mascara.

Mrs. MidAtlantic

One thing: my pillow. I would die of sleep deprivation without my pillow! And I'd probably kill everyone else from my crankiness before I took my last, sleep-deprived breath.


OMG. I forgot WINE... COPIOUS amounts, and cheese, and bread... a toothbrush for everyone, and my glasses, contacts, and sunnies... I guess that deserted island living doesn't suit me!!


Oh I love the Champion sports bras! They got me through my pregnancy!!

- Reading material
- Rum (I'm on an island, right???)
- Cherry Chapstick

I can't come up with 5! How lame is that???


I have cut way back on Diet Coke also... My substitute is sparkling water: Lime Perrier, Pellegrino, Poland Springs flavored sparkling water, Trader Joe's Italian flavored sparkling waters. I find it's not the sweet I crave but the carbonation. I've tried cutting sweets out of my diet, so I drink unsweet tea, sparkling water or a Diet Coke when I cave and just can't help myself. On a desert isle, I would need to have my camera... and sparkling water. And tea.

Andi Sexton

1. My French Press Coffee setup with 1/2 & 1/2
2. Camera
3. My scrapbook and/or journaling supplies
4. My kids
5. A cozy blanket- which is more tools than one! (aka hitchhikers' guide to the galaxy!)

Dana K

iPhone, "natural" lip balm (not too picky), chewing gum, a peasant skirt & something to hold the girls up (I'm being vague on purpose...)


My bed
Dr. Pepper
My dogs and cats
and I guess I will bring my husband...why not


Sorry about the withdrawals. Apparently it takes about 21 days to kick a habit, so you might have to wait another couple weeks.

My desert island necessities:
- Books
- Dog
- Lots of black tea
- My best friend
- My comfy Stoic jacket that gets me through anything and everything

The Table of Promise

Stay strong--Making it without Diet Coke is the best thing you can do for your health. And one a day is most certainly better than 10-12. So start there.

I absolutely cannot live without:
My IPhone
The Internet
Sausage (that is one meat that can never be abandoned)
Salads for Lunch (A girl has to stay regular after all)


My Pillow
Comfy Pants


So the question of what you would take with you to a deserted island is different than what items could you not live without. Right? Cause I'd take matches and a book on surviving in nature to an island, but i can absolutely live without them now.

Things I'd take with me to a deserted island:
1. Matches, unlimited supply
2. Book on surviving in nature
3. Cliff bars, unlimited supply
4. Fishing Pole
5. Three Wishes

Things i can't live without in real life:
1. jelly bellys
2. coffee
3. birth control
4. tomatoes
5. sex


I can't live without
-a Fleece Blanket
-something to read
-comfy clothes
-lifetime supply of mouthwash
-my husband


You had me until Fuzzy Crocs. I'm positive that Crocs are a sign of the apocalypse.


The practical:
Matches or some way to light a fire
Shovel (preferably a military multi-tool style one)
twine and fish hooks
water purifying tablets

The not so practical:
My husband (because his five would probably look like the practical list)
a couple of books
garlic (anything can be made tasty with garlic!)
MP3 music player plus solar charger/power source for it.


I'm not going to mention my wife, child and stepson because (1) your own example suggested your family might have crashed with you so maybe mine crashed with me too, (2) I might be accused of too much sentimentality, and (3) they might not want to be stuck on the island with me, so why even drag them into this.

That said:

1. My entire stash of favorite magazine pictorials (placed in a binder in the days before Internet porn was so easy to come by), Victorian-era bondage/discipline novels and erotic short stories gathered from online in various genres/kinks in hard copy form (because even if I had a way to power a laptop, who's gonna fix it when it eventually crashes?)

2. One entire set of Wusthof kitchen cutlery and one entire set of J.A. Henckels kitchen cutlery, for defense, hunting and cooking needs...and because I've always wanted good knives for my cooking so being stranded on an island might as well be the reason why.

3. Many, many crates of decent merlot or quality brown ale or IPA

4. A shit-ton of notebooks and pens so I can write my fiction in peace and finally get all those novels done that I don't have time to finish (or start, in most cases)

5. Several sets of 500-count Egyptian cotton sheets, because if I'm going to have to sleep on the ground the rest of my life, I might as well do so in as much comfort at possible.

Hannah Wiitala

1. CHI flat iron
2. my iPod
3. Husband
4. my secret popcorn spice
5. a good knife!


Everything I need is on my phone. As long as I have my phone, with a good signal (maybe even a wifi spot somewhere on the island? Hey, shut up, it's my fantasy) I'd be good.

Oh and my computer.

And I guess I'd need a generator to charge them both.

The generator would probably require gas to operate. I'd need a shiton, no doubt.

If the generator gets a drink, so do I. I'd need a foot locker full of wine/beer and water. (Must stay hydrated, yes??)


My Ipod (I can't sleep without listening to it)
My Blackberry
My Boyfriend, he would think of things I wouldn't, I'm not logical or practical at all.
The pill life time supply, desert island, no children to disrupt the peace please :) (particulary not at 19 haha)
anddd wine. Lots and lots.

Somehow, I don't think I would survive for long.


I'm assuming the whole family is already stranded together here, so I'm not including my hubs and kids, but they'd be on the list if not.

netbook w/solar charger so I can write
A decent pair of scissors. Because maybe on a fucking desert island, we wouldn't misplace them in our clutter.
Coffee, so my husband doesn't leave me.
Sunscreen, baby, sunscreen.

Just K

1. Whole Foods Market Italian Sparkling Water in Lime
2. SPF 50 Sunscreen
3. A razor (I don't want to be hairy)
4. A banana tree (what the hell are we going to eat??)
5. An endless supply of contact lenses and solution. Beach sun is a bitch with glasses.


if i crash this week i need tons of tylenol, tampons, massaging heat pad, wine and dark sunglasses!!

Next week I could get by on the wine, my laptop, dark sunglasses, mascara and dental floss.


A kindell with access to upload all the books I want
Comfy chairs for everyone stranded with me
All my family and friends (I guess I'm the only selfish one so far)
An unlimited supply of PB, good cheese, carbs of many kinds and diet coke and fresca (I'm assuming natural vegetation will supply fruit and veg)
Board games like Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Balderdash, Scrabble and several decks of cards.

Jennifer Grace Cook

I will need...

1. Baby Coconut Water. Oh, I'm a deserted island probably surrounded by coconuts, but doubtful they come in those handy terra packs like at Whole Foods so I'll need...

2. A hot sexy strong man to open the coconuts.

3. A place where I can swim laps and stay in shape for Hot sexy coconut opening man. Oh, hoorah! I'm on an island and surrounded by water.

4. My Blackberry so I can BBM my girlfriends about life on the island with free baby coconut water and hot sexy man that I've been searching for all these years.

5. Shoe shopping. Seriously, I dreamed about it last night. I didn't dream about finding a hot sexy man I dreamed about the perfect low heeled sandals, good for skirts, good for trousers, comfortable for long days walking in the city. And when I found those sandals (adorable BTW) in my dream, I said, "These are perfect! I've been searching for them for years!"


1. coffee
2. my pillow
3. my eyebrows (I have to draw them on b/c they're blonde. If I don't I look like I have GIANT forehead)
4. my camera
5. soap

Luckily, I'm married to a mountain man. He'll bring the survival stuff :)


1 Water. 2 Food. 3 Shelter. 4 Clothing. 5 My Wife.

Valentina@baby quilts

The five things (not people) I'll take are:
1. Coffee (to sustain my brain functions)
2. Knife (to conquer and defend)
3. Cigarettes (shame on me)
4. Solar powered laptop (to read and post on your blog)
5. Wine (to help me survive in case I forget to take the above mentioned four)


Well while you have an addiction to Diet Coke, I have one for regular Coke...
So it'd be:
My husband (just because we're on an island doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves right???)
my MacBook Pro
my insanely annoying cat
goldfish crackers
and of course COKE! and none of this Diet crap... the real thing!!


Diet Coke
My phone and a way to charge it
Grilled chicken.
Comfy chair and blanket for reading.


1. toilet paper. Why has no one said this?

2. my iphone
4. a cup from which to drink said coffee (no one likes coffee-hands).
5. wiFi...I have a freakin iPhone.


I'm with you, Appalachiankate: I kept wondering why no one had mentioned TP. It was the number one thing on my list. To wit:

1. TP (preferably Charmin Ultra Strong)
2. Tampons ('cause I'm a premenopausal female)
3. The blue chapstick
4. Sunscreen (This vampirella works nights for a reason.)
5. Deodorant ('cause, well, just 'cause)

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