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April 25, 2011


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Andi Sexton

Love the ten things!!
Help: I'm scratching my head on the Dr. Pepper... I don't get it... Am I out of the loop on some commonly known joke?


That's great! Kids are so funny! It makes me miss my niece and nephew even more.

And excuse me, Dr. Pepper does not taste like ASS! It is delicious!


Thank you for the giggles today. I am quite possibly in the worst mood ever. To the point where I might throw things at the next person who uses the word "preggers."

Also, if it makes you feel better, my husband likes to assault me from behind in the kitchen. If you, um, catch my drift.

Tipsy Reader

Yay! My daily dose of morning laugh has been taken care of, thanks!

P.S. I heart Dr. P. It's just plum juice soda. Yum yum yum.


If you ever cross the Mason Dixon line headed for warmer weather, never a breathe a word about not liking Dr. Pepper. There are a few things we hold sacred in the South (Dr. Pepper, football, and guns) and, as much as it pains me to write this, most don't take kindly to you'uns who feel dif'ernt. (mumble, mumble damn Yanks, mumble)

Seriously, though, your kids are brilliant. I love reading these posts because they always put me in a good mood.


Can totally understand why you might not like Dr. Pepper (though I'm pretty fond of it and its cousin Pibb). But you REALLY want to taste ass-in-a-can?

Get some Moxie.

My state used to be part of yours, so I'm sure you can find it (or perhaps you've already been acquainted with it).

Never has any drink but Moxie dared to combine the sublime flavor of root beer with heavy notes of cough medicine and an undertone of concentrated sphincter.

Just K

You know what made me laugh? The fact that you tried to pass of numbers 1 and 10 as different events.



It was so good it counts as two.

It is the alpha and the omega - the Beginning and the End.

And it was hilarious.


New fact learned at trivia this week: Dr. Pepper is comprised of 23 different flavors. 23!


Oh what a good list for a laugh!

BTW, cannot agree with you on Dr Pepper. I think that stuff is brilliant. Not as much as Mtn Dew but brilliant all the same. What you should try is a Dublin Dr Pepper! Now that is the good stuff!

I applaud you for ironing on the name to the Jersey but I so would've taken it to a tailor. I cannot sew. Some of the kids GS/CS patches don't iron on or if they do they sometimes don't stay well. So tailor it is.

Just K

Ooooo the repeat has magically disappeared! Maybe my computer is going nut-so.....

Valentina@baby quilts

Ha, ha, ha - had a good laugh, thanks! Is it my subscription or my extended Easter party but I see #1 and #10 being the same. Come on, deliver on your promise; I want one more, please...


Totally agree, Dr. Pepper is awful!

Loved the post.


Totally agree, Dr Pepper is DISGUSTING!!!
I love the fauxhawk story, my son reminds me every morning to gell it up!! (He hasn't quite mastered it himself)

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