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April 19, 2011


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Mrs. MidAtlantic

Woohoo! Concord represent! Happy Patriot's Day!

Tipsy Reader

LOL. I so wish I could pull that kind of shit. When he's out, he's OUT.


I do the same but in the morning rather than at night, i get very sleepy at night haha.
I quite often wake up rather early at the weekend when my bf is staying, around 7 o'clock and he doesn't want to wake up. Within an hour we'll have had sex and someone's started making breakfast, win!


I LOVE it! As I often do with your posts! I often wake hubby up. Even if he does resist at first, pulling the blanket way up, and rolling away. Although sometimes I just have to sigh deeply and say "Ok, I guess I will take care of things myself...."


my wife would just have to use the line "resistance is futile" and I'd not be too tired.


I Wish My wife would Initiate just once. I wold be in shock!


You give me hope that someday I too will be in a relationship with someone who actually wants to have sex with me!

Valentina@baby quilts

I wish I knew how men do that! When I say 'I'm tired' I am really tired...well, have to ask my husband for a little insider information :D

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