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April 29, 2011


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I wasn't that fussed about the wedding until yesterday, I'm actually looking forward to watching it while i'm at the gym.
Although, I don't see why people in America would be that fussed to watch the wedding as I didn't sit up to see who was president, nor do I pay attention to any royal family for another country.
I'm not into the royal family, but I do quite like Kate and William. I'm more fussed about them looking into changing it so if they have a girl first that would become queen. Apparently we need the commonwealth countries to agree to it, so it's probably doubtful, but it would be nice.


I have not been following the hype, but there is something about a wedding that offers hope for faith and love and that these two people may be happy. I also admit to being thrilled that ceremony and tradition does indeed survive somewhere.

The Mama

Observation #7?



Observation #3! That would prolly be me :P


I snarfed coffee on my screen at #7 cause that is so frickin true.


#10: too true! They'll be sleeping, and catching up on their email.


Found your blog on Man Wife and Dog blog's Fab Post Fridays.

Ob3 is definitely me. Number 7...classic!!!!! Couldn't agree more. :) Great list. I'll be back to visit your blog for sure.

Valentina@baby quilts

Love #3 - obviously 'don't care' doesn't mean 'don't tweet' LOL


I agree with #8. I watched the NFL Draft instead.


This is quite possibly the best commentary I've read on the Royal Wedding. You still leave me breathless with laughter!

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