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April 27, 2011


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Lady Estrogen

Hahaha... is it a boy thing, maybe?
My sons have taken to inspecting the other's poo volumes while I'm changing one - then they switch. It's like trying to hold back paparazzi... for poo. They are disgusting.


oh my gosh bahahaha. My 13 year old always asks how much the kids pooped and actually looks over to see. I thought he was the only one like him. With your post I see I didn't give birth to an alien child. Phew. Just glad I wasn't abducted and operated on. He's still gross.


Definitely a boy thing. Not really sure why, but it's one of those things that's ingrained in us - we need to inspect grossness.


As if 7 yr old boys are disgusting enough, my kid has his 68 yr old grandfather teaching him even more manly-disgusting things.

Today was 'suck out the septic tank' day and you can only IMAGINE the discussions!


Definitely a boy thing. I puked when my grandfather was driving all the time and my brother or cousin always wanted to see it. Gross.

Valentina@baby quilts

Hmmm, can't be a boy thing only. I am a woman (it has been proven more than once) and I do the same thing - did it with my kids' poop and puke and now when they are all grown up I do it with my dogs' poop and puke. Could I be a control freak extraordinaire?


MY son did this all during my bout with morning sickness: "Mom, you pukin'" Yep Isaiah... "Mom. I see it?" Nope Isaiah....
kids are weird


*snorts & giggles* Typical little boy!


Ick! Boys are so gross.


Yuck! No thanks. I was just sick this past week and I am so over puke. Silly boy.


What, was there supposed to be a special prize inside for him? Yep, must be a little boy thing...


1) Kindergarten Lacrosse???? Yikes! Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

2) Gotta love those brothers.


Boys are gross, I have an older brother and a little brother, despite them being 24 and 16 now, they never grow out of the behaviour.

Cozy Friedman

That's so funny!

Jenn @ Home is Where You Start From

baah-haa! So boy! :) Yeah, my dh was excited to watch my c-section. I really did not get that.




YESSSSSSSSS! Did you show him?

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