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April 15, 2011


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Truthful Mommy

I totally pissed my pants. You poor thing, THis is so something my clumsy ass would do...have done!Hope you are ok. SO much for it hurting for him to bend over. LOL


I love that you are writing the intimate details...thanks for inspiring me. I have been feeling the need to write more journalistic style!


YEAH, I have like 10 WWF games going on at any time and it's starting to affect my sleep schedule. I HAVE A PROBLEM.


What is WWF??


Hope your head is feeling better. I have a tripping problem and so does my daughter (just clumsy). So now when we accidently trip we strick a model pose. It looks better when we strike a pose (so we think). Then we laugh.


Ummmm, I think we're related!


Oh, I've done that but my excuse is that I have a Cape Cod style house and our bedroom is on the second floor (the 1/2 story of the 1 1/2 story house) so the outside wall/ceiling slopes and that's where I usually hit my head.

Andi Sexton

Sooo... did you smack your husband for laughing at your expense or did your head hurt too much to smack him?????

BTW.. Laughed my ass off, too! And, I hate it when stuff like this happens to me! But Hilarious.. sorry..but it was!!

Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

That is SO something my husband would do...only he would wake up the kids to tell them then proceed to fart while her was doing the laugh/cry thing so as to make sure I would never forget it.

I'm not kidding. His family cockatiel was taught to say fuck you...but only when it was really pissed. So to demonstrate the bird's cussing ability, he and his siblings shot rubber bands near the bird's head until he finally squawked "FUCK YOU". Then he proceeded to double over laughing so hard he cried.

He farted and the bird dive bombed his ass.

Then I started laughing...

Was this comment supposed to be coherent?

Just K

By the title, I so thought you were going dirty with this one.


I'm amazed that you can kiss your kids without waking them up! I stay as far away as possible from their bedrooms to avoid any potential sudden awakening:-) Do not wake the monsters!!!

Tipsy Reader

Ohh ouch! I've done that a few times meself.


Ow! Sounds like something I would do. There's always some part of me bruised from collisions with furniture, door-frames and other obstacles.

(And like "Just K," I expected a raunchier punch-line to that title. XD)

Womens True Religion

I loaded Kai into the car, and when I got to the booth to pay for parking, the guy just waved me on, and I didn’t have to pay, anyway. I knew a moment of irritation, as I’d had to use the ATM at the hospital, getting charged by the ATM and by my bank in the process, and screw you, parking ramp for not taking my stupid MasterCard like every other freaking establishment, like, everywhere, including parking meters and my dog walker. And at that moment, part of me wished that I’d told the hospital I was Maria Sanchez, that I lived in Vancouver, BC which was nice and sometimes we could see whales from our deck, and here’s a bogus personal check to cover the $3.00 it cost me to park here, which wouldn’t happen if you just took credit cards like they do everywhere else in the universe.

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