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April 07, 2011


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As long as the hope's tangible, we're doing okay, right?! Great post!


Wonderful post - love it! Our family had one of those issues - it lasted two weeks. We made up for it for several days in a row, morning, lunch break, and night


Oh, I had no idea you guys were still dealing with The Crud :(

I hope you feel well enough to experience some hope when it gets there. ;-)


Are you going to give the new We Vibe 2? My vote is for "Hope"


Kudos on the lack of vomiting. That's always a plus in my book.

Can we look forward to a product review along with star-rating, battery life and miles to the gallon?


Oh, sorry... that should have been "smiles" to the gallon. My b.


Here's to a speedy arrival of hope. ;-)

We've been dealing with illnesses here as well. NHL's been home from school all week (going back tomorrow). B bought a bottle of wine while out grocery shopping (as I was looking after the boys) and, for a second, I thought she was just going to stick a straw in the bottle and lock herself in a room!

Here's hoping that the creeping crud leaves all of our households so we can get back to normal!


Just brilliant. An expertly crafted post from start to finish. Made me giggle.


Lianne Marie Binks

Amen to that!!


I feel you. We went from being unemployed together to both getting jobs (that we wanted, yay!) And now we are just trying to figure out where it all fits. I need it bad and the weekend is coming, I better be too!

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