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April 26, 2011


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LOL I've had a few "injuries" as well. Hard explaining away when the kids notice. Although, maybe scarring my 13yr old from EVER having sex is not such a bad thing lol.


I wasn't thinking it swelled up when he got hit in the face, I was thinking his lip swelled when certain body parts touched his face. But then I realized that it has only happend every now and again. ;)


Reminds me of the time when my hubby's nose was broke and, well my name goes in the space below so I'll close by saying it's not just y'all.


I could be the queen of funny bloggers if my husband did not read my blog. It's quite a pity.


It's too bad it didn't swell up, I would've like to have heard the excuse you all gave his family!


Random information time! It could actually be an allergy to a chemical reaction from being hit. I'm allergic to cold winds and certain types of exercise. (I know it's weird, really weird, but it's true.) If the two of you care enough to be curious, try Benadryl the next time it happens to see if it brings the swelling down though it might make him sleepy.

Also, I LOVE bragging about sex injuries to the right friends. Somehow, they are the best injuries!

a kiss with a fist

Was in a long term relationship with someone that also suffered from a swollen upper lip on occasion. It was random and also without reason and Benadryl always helped the situation. Doctors said it could be due to an allergy and/or stress since it didn't have any specific pattern.

There was no kissing though with a lip that size... enormous.

And anyone who ever saw it always asked if I'd finally smacked that shit eating grin off for good. Something about a perfect smile on a handsome face that makes you want to smack it, apparently...at least our friends thought so,hahaa. (I never did though)


Creepy! My husband has the same issue. We have never associated it with injury OR allergy, but we have taken him to the DR every time and they couldn't figure out what it was either.

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