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April 06, 2011


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My bucket list is mostly hot guys I want to bang before life's door hits my ass on the way out.


SO awesome!! You're my idol, Kit.


OMG that's disgusting!!! Your grocery store has a wine section?!!!!!! (the rest is awesome, I'm just astounded by the grocery wine)

Ladylike Pervert

Sex in the wine section of the grocery store?? You JUST co-mingled my three favourite things!

Love it. Inspired me!

Mrs. MidAtlantic

Yes. The grocery store nearest my school (in Virginia) has a wine section. Wine sections in Giant is the best part of Virginia. And the worst part of Maryland? No wine in the Giant.


There are grocery stores that don't have wine sections?

The idea of actually having sex in public isn't for me, but you do have quite an interesting list of places!

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