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April 05, 2011


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ha ha ha. Was the gecko eaten by strawberry?
Glad your kids are not sensitive about losing pets like mine are. We have a growing fish cemetery over here. Fish are a total pain in the ass and my family is single handedly going to keep our local pet store in business by visiting once a week. stick with reptiles.


Sounds like you're having quite the adventures. Sorry to hear of the untimely demise of the first snake. Hope Strawberry desists with her escapist tendencies soon. You're a braver person than me to welcome a snake into your house with open arms!

Don't Make That Face

I just got chills. I'm actually crouching on my chair as I type this for fear that Strawberry will slither up my pant leg. I will be in this position all day. It's like when someone mentions "lice". I scratch all day long.

P.S. Strawberry is a great name. It's sweet, but also reminds me of some redheaded, gum smacking, hair twirling, slutty member of the Pink Ladies.

Brittney - Our Greener Acres

You're much more brave than me. I know I can't handle a snake in my house!

Mrs MidAtlantic

Better mom than me. My kids will never have a snake. NEVER!


Aw, a very, very pretty snake she is :) Word of advice from a former snake owner - get the better lid, but also weight it down with bricks or heavy books or something. A lot of snakes have strong enough muscles to push off the lids of their cages. Our snake finally disappeared for good when my roommate fed him and then forgot to put the bricks back on top afterward. Chester (the snake) pushed the lid off and was never seen again.


Is Strawberry a Corn Snake? We have a Garter Snake, Ball Python, and a Corn Snake. My son named the Corn Snake after me and I think my namesake is a beautiful creature! Also, I read that they are little Houdinis! They can escape out of almost any terrarium! The only snake that has escaped so far was our Ball Python and I found him in one of my boots. Shoe fetish I guess. :)


The only snake we'll ever have in our house is our rattle snake. It's bad ass with huge fangs and it scares everybody who comes near it for it hangs out on our coach...and it's plastic.


that would be couch...need more coffee


This makes me do a full body cringe...


I was totally gonna come over for coffee. But, then I saw that you have a snake and geckos. And I'm terrified of geckos.


Ahh, I had a corn snake growing up. I loved that thing.


You are a brave mommy! I could never even sleep just knowing there was a snake in my house! Even if there was no possibility of it getting out. nooooo way!


Strawberry is a snake I could get into. We have the occasional chicken snake outside or in the garage, which is no big deal. I'm okay with that but one day I had two whip snakes in my driveway. No kidding, both at least six feet long, scared me to death.

Unintentional Housewife

The fish thing is actually what got me. My brother had fish when we were growing up, and I thought they were gross. Then I started having nightmares that they somehow jumped out of their (lidded) aquarium and were flopping on the floor. Because they were nightmares, I was the only one there and I had to choose between watching them flop around, gasping (gross and inhumane) or picking them up and putting them back in the water (gross and slimy). Then I would wake up.

So... thanks for the memories?


I could NEVER have a snake! Can't stand to even look at a picture...nightmares quickly follow!


Strawberry ROCKS. She's gorgeous, and it sounds like she's got an awesome personality. I love snakes. I think your geckos, though, better learn some serious martial arts...


Not a fan of snakes but Strawberry is very pretty...as long as she stays in her cage.


I did ok with your post, braved through it & all, but the comments with all the snake love really has me creeping creeping creeping OUT. Yikes!!!! #snakephobia

Walkingborder (Karen)

My sister had a snake all through high school. A ball python. Thing was huge compared to strawberry. My sister went to sleep one night with it loose in bed with her, sure enough, the snake was gone in the morning. I knew, just KNEW I would be the one to stumble upon her. Because of all the people in the house, I was the only one terrified of her. After a couple of days of being paranoid of every step I took, every corner I turned, and going to bed, I finally accepted my fate and agreed to help my mom search my sister's room. Sure enough... I was very proud I didn't scream. I didn't touch her with a fifty foot pole, but I didn't scream. I just made a bee-line for someone who was willing to handle the damn thing, stammered and pointed to the drawer she was curled up in.

Not to give your kids any ideas, thank GOD they'll never read this, but she use to actually go to school with the snake in her hoodie pocket. How she never got in trouble is beyond me.


They make clips to hold the lid down. We always had heavy objects on top of my snake cage growing up b/c they're strong enough to lift a lot of weight too! You should also get Ms. Strawberry her own heating rock and maybe she'll be happier in her own house. =-)


Strawberry is gorgeous! Hope she sticks close to home.


I can't believe you allow that abomination in your home. If something that... slithery came within twenty feet of my front door, I'd be calling everyone from Terminex to the effing fire department to get rid of it. Gah.


You know I love you but you are crazy with the snakes.

(Strawberry is really pretty though. Damn pretty snake messing with my mind)

Maija @ Maija's Mommy Moments

You are a WAAAAAY better mom than me! I don't think I could have a snake.



Huge snake phobia here. Thank you for the photo warning, so I could scroll past quickly.


She's brilliant! I LOVE your expanding menangerie. :) What's next? Feathers?? Fur???

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