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April 29, 2011


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Valentina@baby crib bedding

The irony of life - because of Borders (and other similar stores)a huge book buyers base was created, because of that Amazon started selling books, and because of that now Borders is going out of business.


Food for thought. I hate the thought of book stores going out of business, just as i hate the thought of reading books on kimbles. i love the feel, smell of books, and leafing through them to decide which to buy.
Not all progress is good.....


toni in florida

hmmm. by coincidence, i ordered 3 books from amazon this morning, and one more from a private seller thru amazon. and yes, i still buy books at the bookstore (9 books in the last 2 weeks). no kindle for me, though. i'm a paper-n-ink-book lover.

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