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March 07, 2011


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Number 6 had me laughing out loud!!

Mrs. Jen B

Love #3, mostly because I said something like that to my parents once which they still laugh about to this day.

Mom to little brother, who was spitting his food into his cup as he drank: "Don't spit out what's in your mouth!"

Me: *thinking...thinking...thinking* "What are outwits?"

Parents: *blank stare*

Me: "You said, "don't spit outwits in your mouth".


These are great... also along the lines of #3 my parents used to always tell us to "behave." We would indignantly reply "WE ARE BEING HAVE!"

Aliza T.

These always make my day! From this day forth fencing shall forever be known as "swashbuckling" in our house!


love the concentrate.
i'd like to let you know that i found your blog through pw a few days ago and spent this past weekend reading every entry you wrote, starting with 'dear internet.' it's a shame i was too late to vote for you everywhere every time, but i'm happy to see that you won anyway. not that i condone voting abstinence.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds

Swashbuckling?? So cute!

Amber in Maine

#7 - Sometimes, even when they are being naughty they are SOOO cute and it's so hard not to laugh.

On the serious side - we have a 6 year old who used to like to get up. She's the "evil genius" of our house, too and had lots and lots of good reasons. She also likes to watch Avatar before bedtime. The deal is, if she's pouty about going to bed or gets up within the first hour, she goes to bed a half-hour earlier the next night and misses Avatar.

Yeah, you have to follow through and it took several nights of crying and sheer bitter stubbornness, but now just a hint that her bedtime MAY be set back usually gets her back on track in the evening. And no more getting up at all. I swear she must have just lay there thinking about the next excuse she'd use to come downstairs with, keeping herself awake but sheer willpower because she knew it bugged me.

Carole Frenche

#6 is adorable. :) That gelantious stuff is probably psyllium. I'm curious what he's taking that's a red concentrate. I'm starting my Spring cleanse and posting it to my blog. Feel free to follow along at www.carolefrenche.com or email me if you want tips. Really...what is that red stuff. I'm a little concerned. :)

Chase McFadden

Technically, geocaching could involve sex. Kick it up a notch.

The bedtime tucks. We are in year 7 of bedtime tucks with four tuckees and two tuckers (my wife being the mother tucker). Most memorable is our now 7YO as a 4YO wandering out for the umpteenth time one night and saying, and I quote, "Dad, was Yoda comfortable holding babies?" On that note, I told him to go get me a beer while he was up.

Your list made me laugh.

Elle Oneil

I laughed out loud at your husband's concentrate line. Funny list. Thanks for sharing! : )


This is my first time reading one of your posts. And I have to say these all made me laugh. But my favorite was #3. So stinking cute!

And congrats for the Bloggie win!


#3 is going to make me giggle fir a week.

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