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March 21, 2011


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Hilarious, made me laugh too! Last night my yo told me, "your butt is big, not cute and wiggles." Love the whole FUCK scenario. My kids think that stupid is a bad word, but fuck and shit are just part of everyone's everyday vocabulary!

Lady Estrogen

"SNAKES! Why did it have to be snakes?" LOL


The imagery of you retching over the sink is priceless. Even though I don't even know you.


OH MAN, this post gave me SUCH a good laugh!!! Absolutely hilarious!! #8 was exactly what my sister and I used to do to our mom, before we became adults and realized how f-ing hard it can be to lose the darn extra booty!


I am also a sympathetic vomit-tress. My husband and I have a deal, he cleans any and all vomit problems (we have dogs that are large) and I am on poop duty. Its a harmonious relationship really.


10 things we thought about lately, which might or might not be related to the 10 things that made you laugh:

1. We started a book club right before starting our new blog. We have to abandon the book club.

2. We are finishing up a post on cursing to be published soon.

3. We like Star Wars

4. Our pets are mostly cats and dogs, and the occasional rock.

5. We don't run, we walk really fast on the treadmill.

6. We love Miami.

7. We are not bisexual

8. We're getting big butts from sitting all day working on new blog and eating chocolate for stress reduction.

9. Good job! ( your daughter at the Improv)

10. Now we know what it's called to want to puke right after someone has done it. Sympathetic name.


Love this post as usual. Still wondering how you find time to exercise with 4 kids and a full time job - what's the secret?


Not so much the puking, but the rest... good stuff.

Chase McFadden

I would have loved to hear the "no more experimenting comment." I bet that made for an interesting car ride home.

Our son started gagging the first time we carved a pumpkin and pulled the insides out, and if he even hears one of his three siblings getting sick, he loses it.

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