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March 01, 2011


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I would have been laughing at the holey underwear with the 8 year old. My fingers are crossed for you that it was just the underwear he was laughing at! Sex is hard after you have a child.... and mine is only 8 months. So excited about what I get to look forward to!


Ah, sex on the fly...story of my life...if we can get through it with ONLY banging at the door we're doing pretty good!


Ahhh yes! The "quick, hurry up, they will hear" sex!! It is the sex of parents everywhere, but you have to take it when you can it!! Heehee!! Start thinking of better stories, boys his age talk! They grow up too fast now!!


Omg that's funny. My daughter is the same way. My hubbs will kiss me and she's on alert finding reasons to hang around. And don't bother shutting the door when she's around...even if I'm changing clothes or whatever she will knock on the door demanding to come in....then ask if we are having sex!!!!

Jane M

Lemme tell you - our kids are both in college - 1 soon to graduate. There is no way anything is going on between the sheets with us...THERE IS JUST NO PRIVACY WHAT-SO-EVER when they are home. And for ALL THAT COLLEGE TUITION (2 at once for 2 years) they are HOME more than they are at school! GO FIGURE!


I wonder if i will ever be able to have this kind of sex...because i am LOUD. i will have to make sure my house is well-sound-proofed before i have kids...lol.


We have two grown daughters living with us. The oldest has asked that we change candles, so that she doesn't associate the Apple Cinnamon aroma with "mom sex". :)

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