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March 31, 2011


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Honestly? I'd ask him to go and get a girl, because I am not into guys.

Not that Hot

I must be boring. I want my fantasies more reality based. Plus, I have never been that hot, not even in my fantasies.

Andi Sexton

I did my homework Monday night:)


thanks for a fun assignment! definitely worth, um, studying in depth... maybe for extra credit, if it's done well enough.


I'm new at this.


My fantasy take a left hand turn that is very depraved. But it is there, inside my head, and it is good.


Got it! This time it involved both of us taking of all our clothes. . .except maybe those high heel shoes I was wearing!!!! Better?
Josie x


Ok, beyond having the same objection that Nick has, I've found something in the (almost) 10 years that I've been married. Fantasizing about other women does nothing for me. Honestly. I can fill my head with images of naked swimsuit models all I want and nothing. But one mental image of my wife and... well, you get the idea. Not that I think there's anything wrong with people having fantasies of imaginary people (so long as they stay fantasies and don't get acted out behind the spouse's back), it just isn't my thing. Now, if you'll excuse me, I feel the need to rewrite that fantasy so my wife is the one that walks in. ;-)

Just K

I guess old habits die hard, I actually REALLY did the home work on last weeks comments.

Don't feel bad kit. Your readers just have the same twisted sense of humor that you do :)

the super sistah

In this fantasy can I have a very small waist and boobs that are lifted unbeliveably high?

the Super Sistah

Deacon Blue

OK, Kit, I feel bad for you, here. I have a proposition for you, though (it doesn't involve me meeting you someplace dark and seedy for an interlude):

I just got past a pack of deadlines, and need to get back into writing some new fiction. While I'm writing superhero fiction under my publicly known online identity, I write literate porn (aka erotica/smut/raunchy stories/etc.) under a totally different blogging persona (which is a bit too kinky for me to go public with) and actually have some vocal female fans as well as male ones.

If I wrote a full-on erotica short story in the next several days or so based on your fantasy and posted it here as a comment(with you being free to do with it what you will...or I can e-mail it if you prefer that), would that get everyone else off the hook? ;-)

If so, how naughty can I get and do you want to assign me a maximum word count?

Also, if you're interested in this idea, would you prefer I write it from male point of view (doing a gender switch on your fantasy), or write from the female point of view and keep your fantasy totally intact? (I'm ambidextrous that way, so it's Lady Kit's choice).

And, just for the record, were I in this kind of situation in real life, meeting some woman who made me feel that kind of passion and lust right off the bat...that level of connection without knowing her...

I'd run like hell in the other direction. The wife and I have an informal agreement that things might happen or that we may be able to wander a few times in life without fear if we need to...but if someone really truly made me feel this way on sight I would have no choice but to get away fast. Too much loyalty to my wife, daughter and stepson to risk that kind of temptation and passionate gravitic pull.

However, it's an nice fantasy scenario, and I can put my personal morals and standards aside for some literate smut.

Let me know if you want it, Kit...

Toys for sex guy John Lawless

The thing I love about a fantasy is that it's just a fantasy. So even while being married you can have a richer love life in my opinion by fantasizing about other partners. Does this hurt anyone? Not really but it can upset a partner who maybe feeling self conscious. That’s where communication comes in. If it is something that you talk about with one another it becomes less frightening. When you both see that it is a safe and easy way to improve you sex life.

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