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March 14, 2011


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I taught my nephew (age 5) to say "You'll never take me alive coppers!" whenever he sees a police officer. My sister thinks I'm Uncle Awesome

Allan Davies

what's the point of having children (I don't, but it's been a close thing) unless you get to mess with their heads?

Jane M

Just remember they grow up...and the tables can turn on a DIME! Which they have here...oh lord those younger days were so much easier - WHAT THE HECK WAS I DOING COMPLAINING BACK THEN. Don't even get me started on what we're dealing with now that our kids are in their 20's. Plus the fact that 2 in college at the same time...no loot left for the parents to have any fun at $100k a YEAR!


OMG, that just made me pee laughing. Thanks for that AND for making me realize that my husband and I are not alone in our love of messing with 'em!


This is hilarious. Because I have been saying for years. I only had children to entertain me. What good are they if they aren't here for my amusement only. And No I will not be nominated for mother of the year, crap I hear it's a good trophy too. Oh well. My husband also tells me we better start saving for their therapy bills now.


Hilarious! And splitting the weekends is a great idea!

Kindred Adventures

Great story! Really made me smile and laugh! What a great read!!! - Laverne

carol anne

OMG! Too funny. I'm reading this as we watch Anderson Cooper. The hubs thinks I've finally lost it.


Thank you for my daily laugh. I always look forward to your writings and this is a classic.


That... is too funny. I thoroughly look forward to torturing my future children. (there are ghosts though, btw. ;) )

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