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March 28, 2011


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Lady Estrogen

Ohh... that's a change.
My hubs wants flannel - nothing else, preferably plaid but stipes will do. You'd think he was a Canadian lumberjack, but no.


At least he doesn't get soldier mud on the 500 threadcount sheets, honey. There's always a bright side...


bamboo is better!! We recently had a similar situation with our super expensive 700 thread count sheets... it was like sleeping on... I don't even know because they were just soooo luxurious and comfortable. So, onto the internet I went looking for a replacement- and came across bamboo. I looked up some reviews and consensus seems to be, once you go bamboo, you never go back. It's so very very true. They are soft, and they regulate body temp better, they are just soooooo sooooo nice... try them- you will like them!


Bamboo, huh? Thought about it but never tried. Thanks, PottyMouthMommy. In our house, hubby is always the one who pushes for the "better" sheets. Me, I could sleep on rocks and wouldn't care. ;-)


With my wonderful new superpower of hyper-snoring that has emerged in middle age, I wouldn't hardly be in my own bed to enjoy such sheets anyway, so I'll just be happy with the cheap ones on the daybed (not like the CFO...I mean, wife...is gonna shell out for such sheets on multiple beds even if she did go all 500-count on me)


Check eBay- we got brand new, 1500TC sheets for $45!!


Amazon has great deals on sheets, too. Funny, btw.


Hahaha! So true! My boyfriend is just like that. One day pizza is fine and the next he's blowing up my phone asking me when I'll be home because "we're out of Trader Joe's mandarin orange chicken" and he doesn't know what to eat. Excuse me?


And they say females are the soft gender, pfft. My fiance is the same way, has to have the softest sheets, I dont care


I think I fell in love with my boyfriend the day he said "I could never sleep on anything less than 500tc". It was the first time I ever heard a male mention the words thread count..

Also.. when I met my ex-husband his apartment was also a hovel. Now that he is a "bachelor".. it has returned to it's previous state. It's been 6 years..wish he'd find a new wife to clean up for him..lol. Sometimes I hate dropping off the kids.. but I figure time with Dad is worth a little dirt ;P


At least he is not getting so good that he can TELL the thread count by touching his bare bottom to any sheet. Actually, come to think of it: wouldn't that be kind of cool? He could be on Letterman!

Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run

You just made me laugh out loud. I needed that after being back to work after a long weekend!


am so glad to know I'm not the only one with a spoiled husband. I needed a hovercraft to use the bathroom when we started dating! And the snoring thing? He wears a CPAP mask with full head gear. It's like sleeping next to Darth Vader.

Thank your husband for serving. And should he have a light saber handy; send it tto me? Thanks! Off to look for bamboo sheets as they are quite comfy!

Unintentional Housewife

So... my Hubby literally didn't know what the phrase "thread count" had to do with the last time we went shopping for sheets. Once I explained it to him (in the store), he insisted that only the most expensive sheet set there would work for us. He has no idea what tc our current sheets are, but we couldn't *possibly* settle for less than 1000tc, could we? Oh, Hubby... this is why I don't explain things to you.

Jada Gray

My husband doesn't know thread count but somehow recognizes the sheets with a higher one. 'uuuum soft' is usually the comment. However, after I introduced silk nothing else matters. If you ever want to see cotton on your bed do not repeat my mistake!


I would like to inform all of the readers that i have baught a set of 500 thread count 100% bamboo bed sheets from sleepsosoft,there the best,you pay BUT you get in return.


My husband insists on t-shirt sheets. I always get tangled in them somehow. Not fun. I have been educating him ( talking non-stop) about how great 500+ thread count sheets are. Eventually I'll get my way.

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