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March 29, 2011


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Don't Make That Face

Weawy! So cute! My ovaries hurt when I hear that. I love that talk. My niece's name is Sabrina and for a good year or two she was Sabweena. That's what I put on her Sweet 16 birthday card this year.


When my girls were small our favorite game was "Hide the penny". The rules are what make the game interesting.

1. It has to be in this room.
2. It has to be in plain sight (from somewhere).
3. No standing on furniture to hide it.
4. Whomever finds it gets to hide it next.

Sounds simplistic but it can be very challenging.


I love playing hide and seek with my boys. Unfortunately for them, they are bad hiders. My 3 year old stands in plain sight and laughs out loud. My 7 year old used to do this but has now progressed to obvious hiding spots.

One time when they were trying to find me, I crouched down behind my 3 year old's bed and silently waited. They walked into the room and looked around but didn't see me. So they went out and searched the rest of the house. Then they began to get worried because I wasn't anywhere to be found. When I knew they were far away from my hiding spot, I snuck out, went down the hall and revealed myself.

When it was my turn to hide again, I went right for the same spot. I was able to repeat this a few times before they asked to see where I was hiding. Now that they know, I need to find a better hiding spot.


My cousin loves to play hide and seek. Whenever I visit her, that's one of the first things she asks me to do ... she's so bad though! I'm pretty sure she just runs back and forth between the same three spots until my brother finally takes pity and helps her out.


aw...that is so sweet! Wow, you are a pro hider ~I am so gonna try this on my kids. Thanks for the tip...another reason I find blogging so beneficial!


YES! I love being the best hider! I always find the besst spots, and have not been found many times!! I also loves scaring the crap out of whoever is about to find me when they peek their into where ever I am. Quite amusing! :)


I love the was little ones will add "w's" where they dont belong... Too cute :)


I was never a big fan of Hide and Seek, but boy do I play a mean game of "The Floor is Lava." We still play it today (even though my oldest is 14) and boy let me tell you how hard it is to set the table crawling over the counter and standing on chairs!


My husband and I played a recent game with our 6 year old. Conveniently, our room was a totally disaster with clothes scattered all over the ground. I covered my husband with the clothes and placed a laundry basket over his head. Then I tip-toed into the bathroom to hide in the shower to watch. She walked by him 3 times! I was aching inside from holding in my laughter. The fourth time around he jumped up and roared like the clothed monster from the lost laundry lagoon. It was priceless!!!


too cute!


I wuv the dwagon slayer :)

Also it's so much easier to hide as an adult because we find our own hiding spaces. Kids seem to all hide in the one place or the same place every time.... making it hard NOT to find them.

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