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March 11, 2011


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Lady Estrogen

I am getting all messed up with my signing; alias? real? alter ego?
I've slipped up once or twice, but I don't think anyone noticed :-)

Andi Sexton

Rock it!!!!!


Sometimes we have to pretend to be someone else in order to be who we always thought we should be. We never stop growing up. Blah listen to me, I sound like a hallmark card. F* it! You rock Kit!


HA!! You go Kit! What a funny story. It brightened my mood on a dreary Friday at work. Recently added your blog to my blog roll. It's so freakin' cool!

The Wife
http://manwifeanddog.com/>Man Wife and Dog Blog


Woops, sorry for the broken link!



You go girl -- whatever & whoever you are! Am doing the same, and as long as I don't tweet out fuckalicious on my work account, all's well in the world! Using the SM/twitter/linkedIn voice/leads is paying the bills, making connections,and work fun. However, hold off on the vibrator freebies. you'll freak everybody out.


Maybe I need more 'Kit' in my life!


Hilarious. I am me while having no alter ego. I have no trouble censoring myself when need be but I wouldn't be happy pretending to be the real me as I type as somebody else.


It says up above:

You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post.

Well, I've subscribed and I still can't follow the conversation. . . but, can I have your job? Pretty please?

the super sistah

I talk about myself in the 3rd person. I feel like Cybil sometimes. A friend noticed I was talking about my alter ego as if she were separate and told me gently that I might need a Dr's care. I felt slightly ashamed. Problem is that the Super Sistah and me are two sides of a very complex coin. She is mightier but I have more brains.

Damn, I'm doing it again.

the Super Sistah

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