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March 24, 2011


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Lynn MacDonald (All Fooked Up)

How is it possible that you have never heard of her? i guess because my kids are so much older that i have no choice but to hear about what's going on.

also, how often to you get such a catchy name that you can say "Gaga for Gaga!"


I think she is fantastic. She knows who she is and what she wants and hasn't changed for anyone or anything.


I love Lady Gaga. Her music is extremely entertaining, but her message is also very positive. And she's talented! That combination is rare. Did I mention that I love her? ;)


Its odd, I use to avoid her as well, thrown off by how odd she seemed by the more I learn about her the more I admire her. Thanks for the blog and sharing the video :)


I adore her, and the Google interview made me fall in love with her all over again. She's such a wonderfully weird, positive person.

Flawed Imperfections

This interview has made me change my opinion of her. I think everyone can learn from her regarding focusing on the positive not the small little bumps in life.


I heart Gaga!
Not in a weird stalky way.
Lets just get that out of the way.


I saw her in concert a year ago yesterday. And she was AMAZING. Seriously, I know it's not cool to say it, but I love her. Don't tell the twitter people, k?

p.s. she follows me on twitter, I think she has more followers than you even :P


I adore Lady Gaga. And for her music, you should check out her song, "Teeth". It's such a sexy song!


The interviewer is so nervous it really makes the whole thing awkward to watch. She hardly interacts with Gaga, she just seems to be working off a script the entire time. Way too many awkward pauses...

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