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February 21, 2011


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This cheers me up and makes me laugh each time :D
I didn't know it was called an aglet. We all have something to learn from 6 year olds ;)
#10: ahh, the contraints of blogging dangerously and anonymously so. "I like it."


Aglet! Thank your brilliant son. My brain is impervious to racking sometimes.


Any chance he learned about aglets from Phineas and Ferb? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVvd6iuTvSo

About #10: My anonymity online is slowly but surely fading away. Not to the point where I'll sign my blog posts with my real name, but my co-workers now know about my blog/Twitter activities. My family now knows too. Granted, I've never used my blog or Twitter as a means to complain about work or family. (I feel you shouldn't say anything in public social media that you wouldn't say in a face-to-face room full of people.) Still, it's a little odd to think that a post about Eden Fantasys (which I do every so often) might be read by my boss or my mother!


This brightened my day, I couldn't stop laughing over #8.


Hee hee hee, I love love love our daughter's cockadoodledo!

I have had similar blank looks at work, when twitter comes up and I say yes I do it, people look at me like I am a blond befuddled tween. Uh no, catch up people!


Your too funny! Can I pls borrow your daughter some morning.


These is hilarious!!


Aglet!!!! Looks like you guys are Phineas and Ferb fans too!!!


No one not on twitter gets twitter. Which is good because we don't want them in the cool kids club, right?

Courtney K.

I agree with the last comment. Unless you are ON Twitter, then you just don't get it. Same with blogging. Unless you blog, you can't understand what the big deal is. Oh well. We're cooler than that. :)

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