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February 24, 2011


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Fascinating article that parallels your blog post.


My ex was a porn addict. I have no doubt his new wife is now dealing with the fallout.


that should have been IS a porn addict. I didn't mean to imply he has sought help or is in recovery.


Funny posting, serious topic. I had read Sarah's link before today, and I can relate. Used to do porn - *used to* - never masturbated to it, tho. hmm.......

Anyway, just put it down and decided that the wife was the only sexual outlet for me, and fortunately for me, she agreed. What a turn-on it is to know that you have a willing and wanting (that last is important!) partner in your bed.


I have just found your blog via the Bloggess (I think.) and am really enjoying your posts. And guest posts.

Porn, and the unrealistic expectations it builds, has helped suck the intimacy from my relationship.

Jacking the nose off to spite the face, no?


This reminds me of CollegeHumor.com's "realistic Hollywood Sex Scene" video. The video shows a couple starting to get intimate in all the usual Hollywood/Porno ways and what would really happen in real life. (Cramps, badly positioned photos of grandma, weight being distributed wrong, etc.) It's quite funny: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1820859


Hahaha!! That is just too funny!! And for the life of me why men think those women and the fake looks on their faces look REALLY INTO IT, is beyond me!! SERIOUSLY?? I think they lay there and think about all the ways they are spending the money! Cute shoes, new purse, nice car, etc...


To me, porn is entertainment, and a supplement to the wife. I mean, I don't want the police force to do things by the Bruce Willis "Die Hard" or Mel Gibson "Lethal Weapon" playbook, but it sure it fun to watch on screen. Honestly, damn near 100% of men watch or have watched porn, and I think very few of them want their women trying to emulate the on-screen antics (except maybe for some bi-curious three-way action). A lot of those positions kind of require the guy to work harder than is absolutely necessary or desirable...


I would like to restate, "The unrealistic expectations that porn has it built in my partner specifically."

Otherwise, I support pornography.


Thanks for this. I can't get past the fact that porn is emotionally damaged people (seriously - look up some bios on wikipedia) with genital herpes (pretty much everyone in the industry admits this) having sex for money. After you know that Jenna Jameson was gang raped before making the *totally unrelated* - har har - decision to have a career in porn, it kinda ruins the whole experience of watching her do a gang bang. And it kills me that young feminists feel the need to laugh about it like they're in on the big porn joke - news flash, ladies, we're not in on the joke, the joke is on us.


O true ! How can guys (even reasonnably intelligent, educated ones) more or less believe that some of the gals enjoy themselves at all in (more than often) ridiculous positions, is beyond me... Shows some pretty scary misunderstanding of the female body and how it works (not to mention the female mind, lol).
Anyway, excellent post, though I, too, support porn as a turn-on for mutual or solitary enjoyment ;)


Opto-Mom here! Thanks to everyone for your comments.

@Sarah - It kinda makes you smile thinking about the new wife dealing with the ex's porn addiction, doesn't it? hee hee

@Chuck - A willing and wanting partner is your bed is better than one in your closet. That's where I keep my pool boy...

@Milbetweenus - Tell him that when you get paid like the porn stars, you will probably be able to fake it as well as they do!

@Techydad - Great vid! Thanks for sharing!

@Wicked - Some of them are also probably thinking, "I wish he would hurry up and finish so I could take my Valtrex with a vodka chaser."

@Thedeaconblue - Great point. No Mel or Bruce, but I wouldn't mind seeing a little more Jack Bauer!

@So and so - Didn't know that about JJ. And I agree about the fake feminists thinking that women doing porn are "empowered."

@Claire - Yes, there are certain positions they are doing, and I'm thinking, "He is no where near any of her "happy spots," and yet she's carrying on like he's giving her the ultimate pleasure." And I love your last sentence...very insightful!

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