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January 05, 2011


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Lady Estrogen

We had friends who also have twins the same age as ours; they were gone by 8 and we were in bed by 10.30 - and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I'm so glad my twenties are behind me... well, on nights like that anyway. Ha!



I'm single in my 30's and was home on NYE. Granted it was a friend's home and we spent the night after rabble rousing until 3, but I wouldn't have been out with all of the forced cheer, spanx and possibility of my shoes being barfed on for all the tea in China. Spending the evening with family or framily (friends who are your family) is so much better than wondering the streets of Vegas and knocking on the door of the hooker hotel you and your friends are staying at because it was the "ONLY" option at 6 in the am to pile back in the car to get to LA and back to norcal by JAN 2nd. Not that I would know.


New Year's Eve is also my anniversary. This adds a LOT of pressure to the evening. We already want to have fun, but then, what if one wants a crowd and one wants alone time? Mostly, we spend it alone and have a LOT of fun, wink, wink! This year, we decided to hit up a party, and get home by midnight, with me being a little tipsy. I dressed up like I haven't dressed up in years! And everyone at the party was sleepy, bored, and I was a little disappointed. However, midnight was awesome at home!!


You forget to mention all the french vocabulary. :)
Today I was reading Platon and Epicure and co and discussed the idea of enjoying today. It's hard, especially in a society that insists so much on the future - retirement plans, assurance, jobs... Being able to live today whilst being secure enough for tomorrow so as not to worry about it is not easy but achievable. Especially with a great family and early nights ;)
RAINBOW wonders why the caps. I mean it's lovely, go rainbows :)

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