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January 10, 2011


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What an awesome thing to admit. We all do it, even if many of us try SO hard not to.

Yes, I have the "tattoo reaction," too. And I have a tattoo. (I forget about it - it's on my back after all.)

Ali @thecoffeeqween

Oh kit we have all been there. We do like to say we don't judge but we do and we have to on some level. When we meet someone or see someone for the first time we have to make a decision whether or not this is someone we want to get to know. I do however have to say when you said it was your friend I laughed at you! Hehe


judging is what we humans do, whether we admit it or not. Acknowledging and letting it go is what only some do. And apologizing for snap judgements is what a minute few do, and you my dear, do it well. Make no apologies; you are an awesome human!


I love this post, because it's so true. We all do it. Every day. Heck, I still judge my friends, but I always remind myself that it doesn't matter and I'm terrible for doing it. I'm not sure if it's innate or we're taught that, who knows! No apologies!


The only thing worse than judgmental people is complainers. :)


I think there's a difference between judging and taking in the stimuli. we're visual creatures and we take it in and catalog it. can't be helped. but it doesn't sound like you were horrified by your gorgeous friend. you just didn't notice these things before because you see her all the time. that's not the end of the world now.

carol anne

It's all so true. We all (well most of us) feel the need to be prettier, faster, smarter, thinner, richer and it's hard not to measure ourselves against others.


What? I'm totally judging you based on this post.


I loved this post. But now I'm really curious about your tatoo :) I would NEVER have the courage to get so close to a needle like that!


Yup, that voice in your head never quite goes away does it? Just natters on about everyone and everything around you, calculating who is greater and who is lesser. And by "you" I mean me.

This is why I hate going to the gym. (Um, actually it would really be because I truly hate to exercise. And yeah, that shows.)

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