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January 25, 2011


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As a classicist specializing in Latin who rather enjoys this particular activity - and not least because it leads to being introduced via the usual insufferable pun of "cunning linguist" - I've always kind of liked its current name.

That said, the Romans thought cunnilingus was the least virile sexual activity, since it meant the woman was symbolically making the man fellate her, and a fellator was considered pretty much the lowest man on the Roman sexual totem pole.

The only alternate name that comes to mind offhand is George R.R. Martin's "the lord's kiss," from the third book of A Song of Ice and Fire. But that one sounds rather corny.

I've always stuck with "going down." Gets the point across.

Simple Dude

It is a terrible word. When I was younger I used to confuse the two of them, so in order to avoid asking for something completely inappropriate I avoided the fancy descriptions altogether.

dorothy gail

My personal favorite has always been "cleaning the kitty"


My friend calls it a mustache ride. Because...........well...........yeah.


Maybe it's because I'm just ever so slightly prudest about these things, but I refer to it as 'being nice to' I know it's a bit lame but it does work for both sides.


I'm with you. "Blow job" is so much simpler. Though as a young girl, I thought it meant pointing a hot blow dryer at a penis. But back to the conundrum. How bout the good old fashioned term "box munching?"


Whistling in the rain.


I've always referred to it as sushi but here's a decent list that includes most of what I've heard it referred to in the past: http://www.dribbleglass.com/subpages/euphemisms2.htm


I always get the terms halitosis and cunnilingus confused. You are talking about bad breath, right?

Kidding... (But, I think both words are equally disgusting.)

Let's go old fashioned with my favorite term... Tipping the Velvet.


Agree! Sounds like a virus. "I really want to go to your birthday party, but I have such cunnilingus."
Actually, that could work now as it is.

Lady Estrogen

I like using "Giving Head and Getting Head"; I like how it can be used for both - it's all about the equality of this shit, right? lol.

PS. Cunnilingus: All I ever think about is Aer Lingus, and my not-so-clever slogan: Aer Lingus. The cunning airline.


anony mouse

My hubs has always called in "schnnnackin" (snacking said with emphasis lol) and we have a running joke about the Tootsie Pop owl... how many licks does it take to get to the... well you get the idea. When we are being extra silly, he will even count in that owl's voice "a-one, a-tahooo, a-three" :)


lol you guy's are hilarious i love this blog, yes it does sound like some type of infection. i like "kiss the kitty" myself and my boyfriend would prefer "munchin" but to each his own

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