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January 27, 2011


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I sooooo agree with your *. And my hubby just doesn't get it. Yes, it may be a big turn on for him if I reenact the end scene of the "Martha Stewart Topless Christmas Special" from SNL. But seeing the naughty bits in the light of day (or night) just doesn't have the same effect for me.

Now... run us a bath and it's a COMPLETELY different story.

Thanks for the homework. Although I may have to hand it in a little late... does it still count?


I seriously need to get a somebody to participate in your homework! UGH!

Mrs. MidAtlantic

I love sending Hubby leading text messages during the day... By the time we are both home from work, he's been thinking about me for hours!


Finally, some homework the hubs will help me with.


My favourite anticipation games last for hours. As Mrs. MidAtlantic says, send a couple of text messages during the day. Put the idea in the mind, then leave it. Let it brew in the subconsciousness. In those several hours, all kinds of crazy ideas come and go, each wave pushing a bit more. By the evening it's.... well... you can imagine...

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