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January 26, 2011


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the unknown does it for me! Is it going to happen? Is it not? How? what? I have thought about going to the bar with my husband and acting like we don't know each other. I think that would brng back a lot of flirtation that we have lost.


You are very inspiring. . seriously. We just sit around watching reruns of the Office like total lame-asses.


I like good girl on girl porn. I don't know that I have any specific fantasies I can share, simply because I never remember them. I'll have a crazy dream, but then forget it.

I have to agree with the first commenter. some of my best fantasies are at the beginning of meeting someone. or now, when I wish someone would come back. *sigh*

Lady Estrogen

For the first time ever, hubby and I watched some girl on girl porn recently and I couldn't believe it... I enjoyed myself. Shocker. ;)


Let's just say I'm totally on your page. I'm too knackered to make up a fantasy let alone enact one.



Sharing fantasies is nice and sexy and, more than anything, bonding. Even (even more) if they are not to be taken onto physical level. Just state that in the foreword. :)
On the other hand, some things are to be kept for ourselves.

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