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January 18, 2011


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D H-Arza

I really enjoy sex after a dry spell because I think you tend to be sensitive....

Lynn MacDonald

Wow...I have never actually had break up sex because either I got dumped OR I was such a bitch that the guy would never speak to me again. I was just curious where the hell you stash your kids while all this is going down...because as they get older, that becomes the problem in my opinion.


This totally reminds me of that Saving Abel song - Sex Is Good.
I have to fake it
I leave if I could
I'm not in love
But the sex is good
You can't mistake it
Because it's understood
I'm not in love
But the sex is good (yeahhh, mhm!)"

Then again, it's very nice that you and your husband still have so much WOW in your sex lives (it's inspiring!). I am happy to say that my husband has reaped the benefits of my reading your blog! Teehee!


I have never had breakup sex. because men are the one thing I never recycle. hee!

Miel Abeille

I recently found your blog from the #wineparty & I you just keep making me laugh. Thank you!!


Yes! I know what you mean.. do you think Break up sex is as good as make up Sex??? hmmmmm :)


Ha- my only breakup sex has been forgettable!


We had that kind of sex this morning. Except we had sex like that yesterday and we aren't married and we don't have kids so I guess I really can't relate. Except I like great sex.

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