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December 30, 2010


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Oh, boy. I hear ya. I keep telling the Drama Queen that her school is right up the block and I will find a way to get her inside. She said she'll hide in the supply closet, like Junie B. Jones. I said, GOOD. As long as it's not MY supply closet, I don't care. And I've been threatening the 3 year old with military school. Mr. Sasha thinks I'm kidding.

It's almost Monday...it's almost Monday....

I have a brandie new bottle of Bailey's. Consider a shot poured for you. Cheers!


I'm loading my 3 in your car as I type. Really. Or leaving them at your door, ringing the doorbell and running. Either way, I'm good.


Criminal Minds is my favorite ever. I have a major thing for Agent Hotchner.


I've got 5 kids with me. I actually only own 2 of them. There are two 11 yo's and three 7 yo's.

I just really want everyone to get the hell away from me. I can't wait for the holidays to be O.V.E.R.


Every year I work on Christmas and New Year's. I work in IT so I get a lot done without a lot of support calls coming in. Plus, I can use those days off for other things (like a trip to Disney World).

I completely sympathize about the "bored with toys lying around" complaints. NHL will tell me he has nothing to do because he wants to play DS or Wii and we won't let him. (Ignoring that he was playing it for the past 4 hours or so and needed to have it surgically removed from his hands.)

I point to the huge mound of toys on the floor. (Seriously, how'd they get this many toys?!! We certainly didn't buy them that many. I think they've started self-reproducing.) I suggest he plays with some of those, but he whines that he doesn't want to. I think next time, I'll respond with "great, then you won't mind if we donate these toys to some needy kids, would you" while brandishing a garbage bag. Knowing NHL, those toys will suddenly become the most interesting toys in the entire world. Either that, or the Giant Toy Pile will reduce in size a bit before it consumes the entire house.


THANK YOU, I agree completely!! Holy hell is right... Why, why, WHY do the kids need 2 weeks of vacation (Ive got 4 myself as well)?? So ludicrous! I'm so ready for Monday to come already, and back to all of our regularly scheduled programs, thank goodness!


Oh, it was great fun to read this article! I don't have children yet, but I dream of having many children! I love them very much, enjoy playing with them and I like that "hell", like you call it!But,of course, caused by children!


I agree fully!

Here is a link for my blog on this same exact topic.



do fire stations still take kids no questions asked? perhaps just during the holidays. quick! your window is shrinking!


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