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December 29, 2010


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Van Kapeghian

Thank god your daughter didn't ask to glaze her donut.

Lady Estrogen

Gotta love family-time innuendos ;)

Ericka @ Creative Liar

You would get along marvelously in our household.

I'm getting more and more nervous as our daughter ages. There shall be no more innuendo. Just full on fact. And shame. Lots and lots of shame.


I'm too tired to make a witty retort, but I just want to thank you for that laugh. you guys make me happy.


My favorite part, "... but it was a mistake." Thank you for this.


@Van Kapeghian,

True story: My wife's cousin once talked about "doing donuts" in the parking lot. Their grandmother overheard them and thought he was actually "doing" donuts. She still gets grief about it to this day whenever donuts are around. (And now you'll never be able to look at the donut's hole the same way again! ;-) )

bedroom furniture

great man :D

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