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December 22, 2010


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All she had in the refrigerator was a bottle of absolute and some orange juice.

kait b. roe

Mixing them in equal parts, she moved to the music she could hear from the neighbors too loud stereo.

Lady Estrogen

She was enjoying her own little world, but then quickly snapped back to reality as she heard a bang on her door.


But in typical Kelly fashion, the invisible hole in her mouth gaped open allowing red wine to trickle down over the front of her beautiful taffeta party dress.

Simple Dude

Upon reaching the door she heard cries of help coming from the hallway. At first she hesitated to open, but then..

Todd 'tojosan' Jordan

Something deep inside told her to go for it and open the door. Much to her surprise...


It was Raoul, the pool boy from the hotel. He was holding an invitation... it read:

WTH am I Doing

she discovered an amazingly hot guy being attacked by 3 chihuahuas - chihuahuas dressed in red and green elf doggy costumes.


She quickly went and kicked off the dogs, and pulled the man into her house, tripping over him as she closed the door causing her to land right on top of him.

Nicole P

After falling on the man, she looked up and saw his face; it was her ex-boyfriend whom she had been madly in love with, Nick.


She panted: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO ME IF YOU FIRST WRAP ALL THE SHIT THAT IS IN THE CLOSET. IN SANTA PAPER. but first, find the scissors and tape -- I dare you!


Nick wrapped all the presents and then found Kelly in bed drinking more wine.


Nick asked Kelly, "Now that I'm done wrapping the presents, is there anything that needs to be unwrapped?"


"I'll unwrap you later, you tease, but we're late for my Christmas party! Hop up on this bed, and give me MY Christmas present, and I PROMISE I'll take care of you later!" she sweetly cooed.


He slowly unzipped his Levi's and showed her that he had indeed brought a very nice sized package of his own...


Just then Nick realized that he was in fact Raoul, the poolboy, a fact that he pointed out to Kelly.

She said "hrmlm..." back.

"Don't walk with your mouth full," said Raoul.


She suddenly noticed, as she plucked her leopard thong panties from the floor, Raoul/Nick was sporting elf booties with silver bells dangling from the curled toes.


(Holy crap!!!!! WTF! What are these people smoking???)Kelly realized he was a shape-shifter and demanded that he transform into Hugh Jackman and take her to the party. Afterwards, they had wild sex and she stole his elf booties. The end.

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