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December 01, 2010


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Lynn MacDonald

Sounds like you have a great relationship. I'm lucky like that too!

Truthful Mommy

Love it! Sounds like bedtime at our house,well, except for Friday nights..that's bowcikabowwow time:)LOL You know, reunited and it feels so good. One of the perks of a husband that you only see on weekends...the only perk!


Chinese Girlfriend! I like it!

Alexandra the Tsaritsa

You two are cute! haha, I have a German girlfriend on the side, wink wink. Her name is FunFactory :)


Everything is Made in China these days. Even orgasms.


All too often, the conversation here goes more along these lines:

Me: Are you in the mood?
My wife: Yes... for sleep. [turns over and goes to sleep]


I don't know where my girlfriend is from, but I've had her for years.

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