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December 27, 2010


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See, I was thinking he hadn't been doing something else. But yeah, they're synonyms :P

Melissa E.

Can you imagine if a man had to endure being pregnant? My husband complains more about his hemmherroids than I did about being pregnant or having a c-section.


I thought it wasn't hurting b/c he hadn't been doing something else as well :) See where our minds are?? And men whining? Oh.My.Lord. I try to laugh about it, I really, really do.


Ok, need some male perspective here. When I am sick or in pain I do not want to be bothered with, I don't complain, I just want to be left alone. That said, I know most guys cry & complain like a bunch of mama's boys. The only time I will be whiny is when my back starts hurting real bad, it just gets tiring because there is no comfortable position & it can last for days/weeks at a time. Other than that I try to suck it up!

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