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December 21, 2010


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A Vapid Blonde

The only time I ever peaked at a present as a child I felt so horrible. I never told anyone but on Christmas morning I felt like such a liar trying to act all surprised. I think losing that feeling of awe goes both ways, from the giver to the receiver.

Your son will believe especially when he gets all of those presents plus the new ones you will have to buy that Santa is going to bring.

He actually may know exactly what he was doing the whole time.

kait b. roe

oh, Kit. I can't seem to get away from being a blibbering idiot this holiday season and it is your fault and the Bloggess's fault and @Karoli's fault and well, damn, usually it is just the Republican's fault, but not this year.

Thanks to your son, and you and the Bloggess and the countless donors and especially those who were brave enough to ask for help, I will think less about what I get and more about the giving even though I live on SSI and don't have two pennies to rub together I have a roof given to me by a friend since I would be homeless without it, and a 20yr old car that still gets me where I need to go and friends.

thanks for this and you can tell yourself, and your son, that Santa lives, Santa lives in the hearts of those who give to total strangers when they need it most. And that your son, the little man himself, was Santa this year, when he gave his six dollars to help a total stranger have a better Christmas.

Blessings to you all, enjoy the returning light of the Solstice.


Once again, wow.


What an incredible story! I was teary-eyed by the end of it. It never fails to amaze me when a child who knows little outside the comforts of his home and family and familiar life will reach out with such compassion and do so for absolutely no reason other than believing it is absolutely the right thing to do.

Reading what your son did filled me with happiness and guilt. I haven't donated to any charities yet this December. I think I better go take care of that.


I love your son.


Your post made me cry! Your son's donation was very touching.

When I was 7, I still believed in Santa. My dad dressed up every Christmas Eve as Santa and forgot to remove a ring one year that totally gave him away. As I was a smart child, I deduced that since Santa was obviously busy on Christmas Eve, dad must dress up to be able to give Santa last-minute info about what we wanted for Christmas. I had a younger brother so I didn't give the plan away, but I let dad know that I knew it was him under there.

The next fall (yeah, about 9 months later), I was helping my mom make the bed and while we were talking, she said, "You know Santa isn't real, right? You're too old to believe in Santa, aren't you?"

I was so shocked and saddened, but didn't want to be seen as "too young", so all I said was, "Yeah, I know that." :( I think I cried myself to sleep that night. :\

Of course, my mom loves the idea of Santa so much, that I *still* get presents from Santa and I'm a married 27-yr-old woman! lol


oh what a sweetheart your son is! and truth be told, it's not really your fault you spilled the beans about Santa.

I was entirely too old when I discovered Santa wasn't real. I was at dance class and all the girls were joking about how stupid their younger siblings were for believing in Santa. I went along with it because I wanted to be cool too. but inside? I was like, WHAT!?!

bubble. burst. it happens to all of us.


Ohhhh noooo! I can just feel your pain in letting the whole Santa thing out! Damn it!! But at least he gets the real reason for the season and is willing to give to others! You and hubby have done a great job!! When the dreaded "Santa" discussion came at our house I told my daughter we all believed in the spirit of Santa. That at one time he could do it all but then there were soooo many kids that the parents had to start helping out, and it has just been going that way ever since... So in the "spirit of Santa" we keep the tradition going.. I still buy her Santa gifts and she is 27. Good luck at your house, losing that innocence is hard, and somehow they just can't resist telling another child too!!!


I guess that's one advantage of being Jewish. We don't need to worry about the whole Santa thing*. Of course, then it becomes tricky as to what we tell our kids because, while we don't care whether our kids know Santa's not real, we don't want them blabbing to other kids in their school. Luckily, my kids have so far showed no interest in Santa (real or not) and simply group him with the rest of Christmas which they file away as "Stuff We Don't Celebrate."

*Tooth fairy's another story, though. And even though they know the characters in Disney World are referred to as "costumes", I think part of them still believes that they are the real deal.


Your son is adorable, you must be so proud of him :)

WTH am I Doing

Um, no I did NOT know you could hand-pick Legos...now I know where my next internet stop will be...

But really? This post made me cry. Well first, I was mentally slapping your husband upside the head for the Santa debacle, then it made me cry.

What an amazing kid your son is. :) I bet you're a very proud mama.


You are a wonderful mother to have raised such a wonderful boy.

We still believe in Santa at my house and will FOREVER believe.

My mom always told me if we ever stop believing then he will stop bringing us presents.. and who doesn't love presents?

We also participate in hosting a holiday event that supports a different charity every year. This year, we brought in almost $14,000 for the Newboys of Flint.

It was incredible.

Your boy really helped.
What an amazing boy.

caren gittleman

this was FABULOUS!


yeah. whatever. this didn't make me tear a little. not even a single watery eye. whatever. *sniff*


I wish I'd been online. I'd have donated xx

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