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December 30, 2010


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I love my heating pad.


What an awesome idea. I need one of them.


I have a heated mattress pad, dual controller, and it gets warmer at the feet than the head. It's fan.fucking.tastic. When I had a bed mate it prevented many fights because I'm the freezing one and he was the hot box.

And warm sheets? Nearly better than an orgasm.


that's delicious!

I grew up in a desert (that gets butt cold, fyi) in a brick house with no heater (except one fireplace). so winters were COLD!. I know the wonders of an electric blanket well.


I love my heated blanket, best thing I ever bought. The dogs think so too

Lady Estrogen

It was so f'in cold in Melbourne in August (well, they didn't have central heating, so it could get pretty brisk at night in winter) so they got me an electric blanket. I cranked the fucker up all night. "Umm.. you're suppose to turn it off before you fall asleep"... YA RIGHT! I cooked all night. Then, in the morning, my heart actually hurt when I hit the cool air on my dash to the shower. I would have a hot shower and then run back under the blanket, still damp... on many occasions I could have sworn I saw steam. It was awesome ;)


You sold me. We stopped at Target on the way home from our anniversary dinner tonight and walked out with one of these. I cannot WAIT to try it out tonight!


When I was single I had a heated mattress pad and thought that was even better than a heating pad or electric blanket - somehow having it separated by a few layers of sheets made the warmth more diffuse and cozy (it did have dual controls, but I got to be the master of them both, haha!) When my husband entered the picture though, the need for any kind of heating device was eliminated completely ;)

D H-Arza

I must try an electric blanket!!! you sold me! ;)


HAHA! I love it :) We borrowed one once but it was tiny, like a lap blanket size, so i had it at my feet. My husband loved being the one to remember to turn it on and get the bed warm for me, he felt like he was pampering me cuz i was so happy to have warm toes :)


I raved about the electric blanket a couple of weeks ago and one of my followers shared the best tip ever - when you preheat throw your jammies under the blanket. Then you get the laundry warm jammers AND the heated bed!

(It's so terribly sad that I now wear PJs but I got tired of trying to answer 'mommy, why aren't you wearing pants?')


Agreeing with the comments in favor of electric mattress pads - since heat radiates up, I prefer to have it under me. Yum!

Also, for anyone who wants a smaller, portable heat source that you don't have to worry about switching off before you fall asleep: buy a pair of inexpensive tube socks. Fill one about 2/3 full of white rice. Heat in microwave for 1 - 2 minutes (depending on your nuker) and tuck in at the foot of your bed before you brush teeth/etc. The rice sock will hold heat for an hour or more, giving chilly toes plenty of time to warm up!


OMGosh, I wish, I WISH I could get one of these in queen size for this winter!!! We live with relatives, and thier guest room is FREEZING COLD all winter (and in Wyoming, that's really really cold - it was -18F last night)! Unfortunately, I can't afford the investment; we're moving to another (also freezing, go figure) state this coming summer, IN OUR CAR, so we can't afford any extra bulk. Plus, the guest bed is a queen, and the bed we plan to buy when we arrive in Illinois is a king. *SIGH* SO JEALOUS!!


I giggled just reading it



Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points

We live by our electric blanket in the winter.

However, so do the cats.

You know, the things with claws.

They've killed one.

They're working on the second.

If I had to choose between the cats and the electric blanket, well...I'm not sure which way I'd go.

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