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November 03, 2010


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Queen Momma

It's seems Emily had not gotten the latest memo. She thought

Mrs. MidAtlantic

She had misread her invitation, and thought the party was a Flower Child-themed affair. Oops!

Tina Lo

Emily wanted to stand out, so she came as the princess before the fairy goodmother arives.


There was a smear of blood on her forehead and her eyes were wild as she ran into the ballroom, clutching a stained and shredded silk wrap to her chest. "There are wolves out there..." she gasped just before she crumpled to the floor in a heap.

Sally Megan

Silence reigned in the moments after she hit the floor, no movement bar the minute shifting of tiaras as eyebrows were raised. No one could say that Emily didn't know how to make an entrance.


Thankfully, her friend Sara saw her and immediately ran over to her! She picked her up and covered her in the beautiful pink, sparkling cape that she had worn over her own gown. She took off her tiara and placed it on her head, she looked beautiful in it!


The room went silent immediately. Emily was obviously drunk out of her mind and had no idea where she was. Everyone was stunned as Emily never drinks and is usually so well put together it's disgusting.


Every woman in the room wanted to be her...even with all the blood on her face, she was still the most beautiful woman in the room. Everyone knew Emily was even more beautiful on the inside, so she inspired jealousy wherever she went...maybe this time, someone decided to "fix" Emily's pretty face for her?


Getting tired all the stares, Sara and Emily walked out to the deserted balcony and Sara started asking Emily what had happened?


(Can I have Sara shove Emily over the balcony? Because Emily won't tell anyone what really happened and, even her best friend Sara, and after 2 hours, everyone's gotten really drunk at this party and really need t go home and pass out, and they are getting really pissed at Emily, anyway, because they know something fishy is going on lately betwen her and up her big goon of a boyfriend, Biff, whom she said she kicked out, but who has been seen skulking around her apartment late at night my Mrs. Nelson, the neighborhood snoop. Besides, everyone knows Biff is reputed to be an ex-mobster, and also Sara has recently seen Emily buying extra concealer and ice-packs at the drugstore downtown...?)


sorry for all the typos. my blood sugar isgettin low. Damn you, Emily, spill the beans, sister, so we can eat the cake and go kick Biff's ass!


Having finally collected herself, Emily glanced around her anxiously before hastily whispering to Sara, "I'm on the run!"

"What? How? And from who?" Sara questioned.

Sally Megan

"I'm not sure I can bring myself to tell you" said Emily, unable to meet Sara's eyes. "It started when I met a man in an elevator, he claimed... It's so ridiculous... He claimed he was a werewolf..."
Sara said nothing, but secretly, Sara's eyebrows heaved a sigh of relief, as with the tiara gone, they had that much more room to manouvre.

Sara Mitchell

"I demand you stop bullshitting me, Emily!" said Sara, whose eyebrows had now begun to embrace passionately in the middle of her forehead "We both know that werewolves do not ride elevators anymore. Are you honestly on the run? And did you really misread the invitation?"


Suddenly Emily saw something different in Sara's eyes. Something that hadn't been there before when the clouds were covering the full moon! It was if they were glowing deep inside! She had seen those eyes before, on the werewolf that had been chasing her....

Liz in VIrginia

Taken aback, Emily stared at Sara. "But it really was a werewolf," she stammered. "I know, because I got all tingly when I looked at him, just like I did when I watched that movie with the lovely, lovely werewolf . . . and that sparkly pale boy."

Sara gazed into Emily's admittedly beautiful eyes. "You're shitting me, right?"

Just as Emily opened her mouth to reply, . . .

Sally Megan

... an eerie howl was heard coming from the park down the block.
Sara and Emily glanced toward each other before nervously searching the darkness covering the park.

Emily turned back to look at her friend, about to try to convince Sara that there was a pack of werewolves searching for her, even at that moment.

But her train of thought was derailed as she looked at Sara. She could have sworn that when she'd arrived Sara had eyebrows. She tried not to stare, but she would swear that Sara's eyebrows had camouflaged themselves in her hairline.


Emily thought about this, and as she thought, she started her period.


Sara's nose started to elongate and she sniffed the air scenting blood.

Kathy Mayer

"Seriously girl, who does your eyebrows?" asked Emily. "Sara, hated to say anything, but the uni-brow was so not working for you. Love the wax! Hey, got a tampon? I got my period -- again. Christ, at 46 this shit would stop but Nooooooooo, just when you least expect it. really, I need your waxer -- wouldja just look at my chin!"


Emily's gaze quickly left Sarah's lowering hairline and fell on Sarah's hands. Fur was beginning to creep out from the sleeves of Sarah's sequined satin blazer and her nails looked so unkempt that even her french manicure did nothing to cover them up.

Emily took a big step back. "It's you!" she said, "From the elevator!"


"...What the hell are you freakin' doing being a Werewolf? And seriously, did you think I wouldn't notice you were wearing my tiara, bitch?"
Emily snatched her tiara from offof her furry friends' head, hiked up her dress, and started to dash through the crowd. Sara growled, and followed close behind.

Sally Megan

"I always did think your story about 'swimming a bit in high school' didn't really explain your shoulders. Guess you don't have a tampon then, hey?"
Emily began to edge towards the door to get back to the party and the people.
She giggled conspiratorially and as the door got closer she said "So... Where is the best place to get a good price on body waxing? If they can do THAT with your eyebrows then...."


"... I seriously need to get up on some of that." But Emily's attempts at wit were falling on deaf, and now, hairy ears as Sara roared and clawed in Emily's general direction. Emily started to run faster toward the party doors, mockingly shouting back at Sara, "so you were lying all those times you said you thought I was the funniest person you had ever met?!" But the fear Emily had masked in disinterest and sarcasm was creeping up and overtook her in a misstep over a rock when she was almost at the door. As she fell she turned to see that Sara had gained ground on her, and was now much closer to her than she had anticipated. Frozen in fear there was nothing for Emily to do but scream and watch as Sara...


Leaped into the air to attack Emily. Sara came crashing down hard on Emily as her teeth slashed into Emily's beautifully delicate skin. "I'll never be jealouse of you again!", Sara screamed, as the crowd watched in horrror.


Panic rang out through the crowd and the party guests began to trample one another to get to the front door to escape. As people ran glasses and bottles broke to the ground and guests pushed and shoved to make way. As guests fell to the floor move blood spilled and the Sara-Werewolf lifted its head high from where she remained over Emily and let out a howl which was returned by a pack of howls.


A dozen werewolves revealed themselves at the periphery of the party. They were male and they smelled blood and women.

brandy-son Zen master flash

Sara the werewolf, ran off leaving Emily's body laying there before the pack of males. Just before the Sun was about to rise the male pack moved in close sniffing every inch of her. Her wounds were pretty bad but in what almost seemed like a flash Emily's eyes opened sharply as she jumped to all fours. She lead the pack of male werewolves into the near forest and they seemed pleased to follow her.

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