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November 15, 2010


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Teacher-becomes-the-student-itis. I know it well. You'll make a bunch of new friends and you'll do great! And maybe you'll use this experience as one of the best things about your day at dinner later. Good luck!


Good luck, sexy mama!! You sure are a wonderwoman. Everything will go just fine.

Van Kapeghian

good luck hot thang

Mrs. MidAtlantic



You'll do great!! You will learn a lot of new and exciting things, and meet new people! This is where you are meant to be right now! Trust in that and go with confidence in yourself, and have fun! They will love you! (ok, so there will always be that one bitch in the office that hates every new person, but you'll find out who she is after a week or so, and then everything will be great! Heehee)


Good Luck!! Have a WONDERFUL first day of work!!

Chin up ~ Boobs out!!

You ROCK!!!

Rocker 38

You don't need luck, you have an awesome personality to see you through. You go girl.



I hope you realize that I just sent you a shit ton of luck right there. now I have a deficit of luck, but it was worth it. that's how much I lurve ya.


I hope it went well!


Good luck!!! How exciting. Hopefully all went well.

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You never know what you can do till you try?


I know I'm late, but I hope your first day went well and the transition goes smoothly.

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