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November 24, 2010


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Find a female TSA agent who looks like she has a husband and kids, and explain the situation. You should breeze right through. ;)

Lynn MacDonald

Hahaha...you crack me up! Are you not allowed to bring it as a carryon under the "personals necessities" category. It doesn't look like a dangerous weapon to me!!!

D H-Arza

I would place Carmen in a sock and then in your sneaker...That is how I got a Cuban cigar into the US...


In a tampon wrapper in your toiletries kit maybe?


Mail it to yourself wherever you're going, then mail it back home before you leave there? Or find a store, buy a cheap one, leave it behind, letting Carmen know whe you get home that it was only a cheap substitute. Carmen will understand... it's a girl thing.


Sending it to yourself in the mail is a pretty good idea I must say!

elizabeth-flourish in progress

God, you always crack me up.

Lady of the House

If you're staying in a nice hotel............CONCIERGE!

donna freakin' reed

Ha! I'm with the cheap substitute. Freakin' hilarious. But what, no one uses fingers anymore? Maybe you can find a hotel with a detachable shower head...


you didn't try my suggestion of wearing it on, so I don't know how I can help you.

but it's a worthy cause so I'll try. maybe buy a new one there and mail it home! yes! I'm a genius! thank you. thank you. no, no applause necessary. I'll be here all week. be sure to tip your waitress.


I say, if you get wanded, wand 'em right back ;)

Ok, no, that probably won't work.. Ziplock bag, with the batteries removed and promise that you won't use it until the captain has turned off the fasten seat belt light.

Rebekah C

ROFLMAO! Girl, I have to say, that sucks! OTOH, maybe it's time to get better aquainted with Ma Palm and her Five Daughters, eh?

Lady-like Pervert

LOL! A few months ago my husband I travelled to mexico and I was hell bent on bringing sex toys. So, I packed them each in Ziploc sealed bags (not for their benefit, rather for mine - I did NOT want any germy hands touching things that go in my business!)

Each one sealed separate - TOTALLY visible. Then I put a little post-it on each bag... "I make love, not war". Ha ha ha!

I was afraid they'd think the Rabbit was a weapon! LOL!


I'm traveling at the end of December, and all I can think about is whether bringing my favorite hair product is worth paying the price to check a bag.

You and I have very different travel concerns.

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