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November 09, 2010


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Anna aka Gots2noJohstono

Kids sound massively amusing. :) Funny! Congrats on your quitting!


I'm doing the online dating thing now...and i have more guys than i know what to do with! and they're all amazing! I guess things have changed since the 90s :-P

yay for your last day of work!

That One Mom

I've used the low intelligence one on my nephews a time or two...


Why is your face smooth this way but rough that way? Ha, ha, ha! My sister ALWAYS falls for that one!


I can definitely sympathize with #7. NHL, who is 7, has been a handful recently. We've learned that he is gifted (IQ of at least 134, possibly 140+) and that he 1) will get bored if he's not challenged - which he isn't being at school and 2) is smart enough to find loopholes in the system or people. He will find out how to manipulate people and situations to his benefit and so he needs a strong hand to keep him under control. (Something that we don't think his school is providing this year.) In short, he's too smart for our own good!

Kelly K

Oh, I can see #7 in my future. Right now I have The Tackler (age 3.5) who loves nothing better than to live up to his name by smashing into his 13 month old baby sister. He's gonna learn about payback all too soon as I can see my Lil Diva plotting...

The Tackler also gives me days like #7, where all it seems I do is constantly correct him until my patience is gone.

I'm told it gets better.

I'm not sure if I believe it.

Sara Mitchell

Cracked up uncontrollably on #4 and #5.


@Kelly K,

We have a Tackler in our house too, also aged 3 1/2: JSL. JSL, though, likes tackling, hitting, head-butting and just generally annoying his older brother. JSL still seems to think he can get away with things by flashing a cute baby smile. Unfortunately, for him, he's no longer a baby. He is still cute though... it's an evolutionary defense mechanism for survival, I swear!


I feel for you on #7. I have two kids: the first can't sit still, can't do what she is told, and if we (especially dad) give her a hard time she stands her ground and snaps back. the 2 yo actually causes a lot more trouble and breaks more things, but if you tell him off he will give you his biggest eye fluttering smile and ask in the sweetest tone "I'm not supposed to put marker on the furniture?" and gets away with murder.

we keep reminding ourselves to go easier on #1 and harder on #2, but .... I guess we are just human too

Supra Shoes

You're fantastic.Continue to work hard.


The last one. Congratulations!!!!!!!


You passed on an opportunity to go to the Oscars?! It's as if I don't know you at all.

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