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November 10, 2010


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I think confidence is sexy. (My phone just auto corrected that to sext. WFT ANDROID?!?!)
Also, a man that's not afraid to be vulnerable. Showing affection in public makes me weak in the knees. A hand on my back, or an arm around my shoulder.

Feck, good thing Im seeing the man friend today!

Amy @ Bitchin' WIves Club

Confidence is a definite must have. :) But I am a sucker for great bone structure and smoldering eyes. *swoon*

Lindsay Ann

I like the strong silent type.

That way he still leaves you guessing, and you have to work for it.



I agree, confidence! Physically, I tend to go for bigger guys. But I think I'd go for anyone who had that sexy "I KNOW I'm good" attitude.

And also what Jen said, a guy that'll spend hours talking to me about anything and nothing and would be happy to cuddle all day is so much more appealing than one who just says "sup" and wants to get down to business immediately.


I think sexy is the way my hubby doesnt realize how hot he is. He is bashful, and I love to make him blush about his cute eyes, body and the way he does things. Im a one man kind of girl.


I had that exact same surgery (due to right distal biceps tendon rupture) August of 2009. The hardest part (after waiting for the surgery), is the long recovery where he'll have to be very careful with that arm. Best of luck to him!


sending good thoughts to you and your husband! if only for the missionary position.


I'm with you on confidence, babe. Nothing sexier than someone who's not afraid to be themselves.

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