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November 01, 2010


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I'll admit a Neti Pot does provide relief, especially when used regularly, but I prefer a humidifier because I'm lazy. I at least get amusement from it because my cat is fascinated with it and jumps up on the stand it rests on and bats at it. The less than amusing part is when I wake up and it's sitting in a puddle on the floor. The humidifier, not the cat.

D H-Arza

YUP....Lucky for him...


Lucky for YOU that you remembered what a pain men are when sick. A mere cold throws them into their deathbed. And yet . . . we birth children and then get up and walk around. And have sex again. Insane, no?


I'm afraid that I must echo the sentiments of the Twitter people--Yaaay for neti pots! Except I use this NeilMed thingy that works like a squirt bottle, all the better for powering out the sinus-y business. They deliver a lot more water pressure than the regular pot.

Swapping medical tips--now I feel like an old lady. :D


I didn't get a neti pot until I got pregnant and drugs were off the list. Love mine (not while using it, of course) and will probably keep using even when drugs are ok again.


I've heard SUCH good things about Neti pots, but never bought one (cheapskate). I have a deviated septum so have tons of sinus problems. I always just run a hot tap in the sink and put a towel over my head and inhale all the lovely steam. works wonders. and my skin looks awesome after too!


You should have spat in the beer.... for old times' sake.


I would have rubbed a butt cheek on the beer. For spite AND to avoid the big ball of sick man baby if you did spit in it. Then chuckle to myself that he had my butt in his mouth. You know, because I'm mature.

Lory Manrique-Hyland

I'm like: what the hell is a neti pot? I want one!


Neti pot also work on headache problem.sometime ago,My mother had headache problem but when she tried to neti pot.she got fast relief from it.

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You should have spat in the beer.... for old times' sake.

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