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November 18, 2010


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OMG OMG OMG!!! I am PHOBIC about cockroaches. Just reading this made my eyes water.

Sara Mitchell



I can deal with spiders, snakes, bugs of all kinds, but I cannot, will not, absolutley refuse to even make eye contact with a cockroach! They are disgusting and make my skin crawl! I have the hibbie jibbies just reading this! EEEEWWWWWWW!!!! Did you just pack up and change hotels??? I would have to!


Please tell me the cockroach was at least dead? Please....


*shudder* cockroach *shudder*

That One Mom

I'd take a tarantula over a cockroach any day of the week. *shiver*


If you want, we can send you some of the giant house centipedes we have here. They eat spiders (though probably not pet tarantulas) and cockroaches. Of course, they can creep one out too by appearing suddenly on a wall and then skittering super fast (these suckers are *very* fast) away when you try to kill them.


OMG I'm dying seriously laughing so hard at the screaming 6 yr old and then OMFG a roach yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk

Gonna share a little screaming story with you so you can laugh back ... when my oldest son was 9 he had a pet snake. Snakes name was Princess. Snake was over 5 ft long (I'm 5'4"). Snake had to sleep in our room (whole nother story). I took our boys (at the time 9 & 6) to the movies while hubs was at work. When we got home we see his truck in the driveway and the boys are all excited that dad is home early. They jump out of the truck and go running up the driveway towards the front walkway. (At the top of the driveway the sidewalk makes a 90 degree turn along the house and then another 90 degree turn towards the front door. From the driveway you can't see the front door) Just as the boys come around the corner of the house, hubs opens the front door and jumps out. Hubs has the snake wrapped around his neck and head. As he jumps out he screams "Princess is eating my face!!!!!" The boys stop and they start screaming and trying to get away from dad. I'm like WTF is going on and I come around the corner and OMFG I start laughing. I'm trying not to laugh but the boys are freaking out and hubs head is all wrapped up in snake and he's staggering after the boys. I almost peed my pants that day.


When I go to a hotel, I expect to find chocolates on the pillow.

I guess your hotel at least got the color right.


I'm pretty sure there are hotels in Texas that come without the roaches. Yuck! Both events are retch worthy.


OK if I visit... rule number one is I am staying in a hotel because OMFG TARANTULA!

Don't tarantulas eat cockroaches? Rosie should be a travel pet ;P

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