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November 11, 2010


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You married a man in uniform? No wonder you have such a great sex life :)


While neither my dad or husband are veterans, both of my grandfathers fought in WWII. My G-pa D was even an early version of a Navy SEAL. I wrote about them for Veteran's Day as well. http://danceswithchaos.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/why-im-lucky-to-exist-my-veteran-grandfathers/

My DH had surgery in the spring for a hernia and it was like having a 3rd child for several days - so my sympathies on the doped up, out of commission DH.

At least that elbow should be back to good working condition soon. :-)


I second Paxochka's comment!

I recently had sex with the hottest man alive, a Marin. damn. steamy. and muscly. *sigh*


I'm glad my husband doesn't read your blog, because right now he's happy with "Thank you for your service take out pizza and beer". I'm way too exhausted (and pregnant) for "Thank you for your service sex".


If I had a facebook account, I'd totally "like" this.

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